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Stay up-to-date on your favorite sports teams' rankings, schedules, and scores.
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Watchpoint is the first 3rd party app for the Overwatch League. It allows you to find information about the current, or next live match, just by talking to it. Soon, you'll be able to ask it schedule info, match details, and more!
From continuously providing the fastest real-time news, most in-depth analysis, and the largest scope of coverage in fantasy sports at, we are now bringing the latest fantasy sports updates directly to you.
StatMuse lets you explore sports statistics, schedules and scores in a whole new way, straight from your favorite players and personalities. Say "OK Google, ask StatMuse who has the most career receiving yards?" and hear Jerry Rice tell you about his record. Then try "Who had the most touchdowns last season?" to hear from David Johnson. Ask "When are the Falcons playing next?" to have Devonta Freeman give you his game schedule. StatMuse provides instant answers to your NBA, NFL, MLB & NHL questions and features the authentic voices of Peyton Manning, Le'Veon Bell, Drew Brees, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice and other players, plus Scott Van Pelt and Joe Buck. StatMuse is the officially licensed AI of the NFL Players Association. Start by asking "OK Google, talk to StatMuse" and ask any sports question that comes to mind, such as: “How did the Eagles do?” "Who had the most passing yards in a season?" After hearing Drew Brees answer, ask "Where did you go to college?" or "How many touchdowns did you have last season?" "Who won the World Series in 1945?" "Which pitcher had the most strikeouts last year?" After hearing the answer, ask "What is his career ERA?" "How did Steph Curry do last season?" “Who do the Rockets play this week?” “What hockey games are on tonight?” “Tell me about the Golden Knights.” StatMuse has complete season-by-season stats going back to 1947 for the NBA, 1920 for the NFL, 1876 for MLB and 1917 for the NHL. Learn more about what we can do here:
Lunabyte, Inc.
Get the latest WBRZ news, weather, sports and Investigative Unit reports. WBRZ is On Your Side in Baton Rouge with News that’s Happening Now.
Drop the Puck
A fun hockey trivia game that hockey fans can play at home, or on the go.
Cricket Australia Live
Get up to the minute scores and news from cricket matches in Australia and around the world, powered by Australia’s most popular cricket app, Cricket Australia Live.
CNN delivers the real-time news updates, breaking news stories, and election updates from CNN reporters and anchors across the globe. Ask this action for the latest news or for topic-specific updates on anything CNN is covering on its broadcast. You can say, “Ok Google, open CNN” to hear the latest stories CNN is covering. Or you can dive right in by saying things like: “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest news”; “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest on Hillary Clinton”; or “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest on Donald Trump”. When you’re listening to a clip, you can say ”Ok Google, stop” to stop the clip. You can always hear the full list of stories CNN is covering by saying, “Ok Google, ask CNN for more stories” or move on to the next story on the current topic by saying “Ok Google, next”. Try saying things like: - "Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest news." - "Ok Google, ask CNN for the top stories.” - "Ok Google, tell CNN to give me the news." - "Ok Google, tell CNN to list all stories." For more information, go to
Prediction Guru
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If it’s your game, why just watch it. Predict and play it! Show off your skills. Let your friends know how good your predictions are.
NASCAR Application
Application to get info about NASCAR races
Crystal Football
Crystal Football helps you decide who to put in your line-up. Note: it can only compare players using "standard" settings (non PPR).
magic sport carousel
Magic Sports Carousel is a simple app that shows you a carousel of common sports after you provide your name and age.