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Stay up-to-date on your favorite sports teams' rankings, schedules, and scores.
Aussie Rules Guy
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AFL guy knows a lot about this AFL season. Want to when your team played, where they are on the ladder or the scores? Ask the Aussie Rules Guy.
From continuously providing the fastest real-time news, most in-depth analysis, and the largest scope of coverage in fantasy sports at, we are now bringing the latest fantasy sports updates directly to you.
StatMuse lets you explore sports statistics, schedules and scores in a whole new way, straight from your favorite players and personalities. Say "OK Google, ask StatMuse who has the most career receiving yards?" and hear Jerry Rice tell you about his record. Then try "Who had the most touchdowns last season?" to hear from David Johnson. Ask "When are the Falcons playing next?" to have Devonta Freeman give you his game schedule. StatMuse provides instant answers to your NBA, NFL, MLB & NHL questions and features the authentic voices of Peyton Manning, Le'Veon Bell, Drew Brees, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice and other players, plus Scott Van Pelt and Joe Buck. StatMuse is the officially licensed AI of the NFL Players Association. Start by asking "OK Google, talk to StatMuse" and ask any sports question that comes to mind, such as: “How did the Eagles do?” "Who had the most passing yards in a season?" After hearing Drew Brees answer, ask "Where did you go to college?" or "How many touchdowns did you have last season?" "Who won the World Series in 1945?" "Which pitcher had the most strikeouts last year?" After hearing the answer, ask "What is his career ERA?" "How did Steph Curry do last season?" “Who do the Rockets play this week?” “What hockey games are on tonight?” “Tell me about the Golden Knights.” StatMuse has complete season-by-season stats going back to 1947 for the NBA, 1920 for the NFL, 1876 for MLB and 1917 for the NHL. Learn more about what we can do here:
Material Listeners
Every year Material Podcast hosts race to see who can get their pixel first, with this app you can learn who won the pixel race.
Score Tracker
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Can't remember your score after an intense round or long break? Want to keep track of a long-term series? Then Score Tracker is for you! Score Tracker records any number of players' scores for any game that requires keeping track of points. Score tracker could work with games like bags, table tennis, air hockey, or even trading card games. Score Tracker never forgets the players in a game or their scores, so it's also perfect to keep track of standings during long-term competitions. Use it to keep track of how many tasks everyone has done, or how many times you've beaten your friend in FIFA whether it's the next day, month, or year. After adding all the players in the skill, you can update the scores of any of the players by asking Google to add or remove points from certain players or the whole group. You can also set the scores of certain players or the whole group to a specific amount. If you find any bugs, please email an explanation and screenshot to the developer at the contact below. We will fix it as soon as possible.
Prediction Guru
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If it’s your game, why just watch it. Predict and play it! Show off your skills. Let your friends know how good your predictions are.
Western State Race
Learn who are the winners of the western states 100 mile run for any year from 1980 and the present!