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Get the latest WRAL News headlines and weather forecast directly from your favorite WRAL anchors and meteorologists through your Google Assistant device. Simply ask WRAL for your weather forecast or the top stories WRAL News provides coverage you can count on in Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville, N.C.
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Get the latest WBRZ news, weather, sports and Investigative Unit reports. WBRZ is On Your Side in Baton Rouge with News that’s Happening Now.
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Nigerian Current Affairs Trivia Quiz tests and teaches you about Nigeria's History and Facts. The answers comes with a brief description and explaination on that fact or history.
CNN delivers the real-time news updates, breaking news stories, and election updates from CNN reporters and anchors across the globe. Ask this action for the latest news or for topic-specific updates on anything CNN is covering on its broadcast. You can say, “Ok Google, open CNN” to hear the latest stories CNN is covering. Or you can dive right in by saying things like: “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest news”; “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest on Hillary Clinton”; or “Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest on Donald Trump”. When you’re listening to a clip, you can say ”Ok Google, stop” to stop the clip. You can always hear the full list of stories CNN is covering by saying, “Ok Google, ask CNN for more stories” or move on to the next story on the current topic by saying “Ok Google, next”. Try saying things like: - "Ok Google, ask CNN for the latest news." - "Ok Google, ask CNN for the top stories.” - "Ok Google, tell CNN to give me the news." - "Ok Google, tell CNN to list all stories." For more information, go to cnn.com/google
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Get started by saying “Talk to Audio Burst,” or “Ask Audio Burst for the top stories,” to get live, relevant updates from the top news outlets, radio stations and podcasts in the world. Need the latest on your favorite NBA player or political headline? Just ask the Audio Burst App: “What’s the latest on…(your topic of choice)” to get fresh audio bursts in real-time. ‘Audio Burst’ App is powered by Audioburst, where we are building the world’s largest library of audio content. Every day, our technology listens to, understands, segments and indexes millions of minutes of audio information from top radio stations and podcasts, so you will always be able to listen to the latest on your favorite topics. Follow us on Twitter (@audioburst) and Facebook (facebook.com/audiobursts) for tips & tricks, curated news, and the latest on smart home tech! We always want to hear from you! Let us know your experience in the comments section so we can continue to make Audioburst your go-to for current events via audio. For more information, or just to say hello - info@audioburst.com.
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Find out what’s trending on NBC News. You can ask things like “What’s trending” or “What’s happening in politics”.