Google Inc.
Hear the local weather and upcoming forecast for any location, just ask your Assistant.
Seaside Buoy
ENC Data
Ask Seaside Buoy for the ocean temperature, next tide time, or wave height by referencing a US city. Data is provided by scientific ocean buoys from the NOAA.
Spare the Air
The Spare the Air app can tell you today's Spare the Air status, and (if available) tomorrow's Spare the Air status as well.
Flipflop lets you get the suggestions on what to wear based on the weather in a given city. For example you can ask "What should I wear in New York today"?
Capitol Broadcasting Co.
Get the latest WRAL News headlines and weather forecast directly from your favorite WRAL anchors and meteorologists through your Google Assistant device. Simply ask WRAL for your weather forecast or the top stories WRAL News provides coverage you can count on in Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville, N.C.
The Weather Network
Pelmorex Weather Networks
Get your weather when it really matters™ with The Weather Network action on the Google Assistant. The Weather Network action provides hyper-local weather, as well as short term (36 Hours) and long term (14 Days) weather forecasts from around the world. You can hear about current temperatures for any city, for a specific time like right now, tomorrow, this weekend or even 14 days out. You can also get information on active weather alerts / warnings in your area to stay safe, and find out when it might start raining near you, and at what time. KEY FEATURES: • Detailed WEATHER FORECASTS including current observations and temperatures, short term (36 hours), long term (14 days) and hourly forecasts that are updated every 15 minutes to ensure accuracy and reliability • Severe weather ALERTS / WARNINGS which provide you with information on any active weather heading your way • 3-DAY SEVERE WEATHER OUTLOOK which is included when significant weather is expected in the next few days • PRECIPITATION START & STOP times within a 10-minute window • HYPER-LOCAL weather which provides you with the most accurate forecast for your location TIPS: Immerse yourself in weather by trying some of these questions: • What is the weather like today? • Will it rain today? • At what time will it rain today? • What's the weather on Tuesday? • What’s the weather this weekend? • Are there any active weather alerts? • What is the forecast for this week? • What is the forecast for next week for Miami? You can also visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter The Weather Network - Your Weather When It Really Matters™.
Adam Sadovsky
AirCheck reports the current air quality index at a given location.
Simple Weather
MANO Design
Simple Weather tells you the weather relative to yesterday's weather. It's genius! Right? What does it mean "maximum temperature will be 35 degrees today"? What is 35 degrees at all? I don't know. Do you know? Can you feel it on your skin? "Today's gonna be colder with -5 degrees" Okay, I've remember yesterday I felt a little bit cold, so today I definitely put on some extra clothing. This is Simple Forecast. Powered by Dark Sky.
Access data from your WeatherFlow Smart Weather stations.
Crave Engine
Crave Engine gives tour of abrays blog posts, tell you quotes from his blog, tells you some jokes and also tells recent weather forecast of over 2 Lakh Cities.
Rain Gauge
The Sluice Gate
Rain gauge connects you with local information from Weather Underground. Using this app you can check the previous day's snowfall and rainfall totals and also get total snow on the ground. Currently this is designed for US zip codes only. Please check back for updates.
Weather Info
Shubham Nikam
Tell me which city's weather would you like to know about? and I will provide you accurate weather info. I can provide you a national and local weather forecast for cities.
Weather Reporter
Weather Reporter is a premier weather reporting app which reports weather in a particular city
This agent uses Google Action API an API.AI. Using this agent you can receive information about weather around the World
Northstar Pow Day
Check if it's a powder day at Northstar At Tahoe and go have fun at the snow!
Caulfield Racecourse
Bradley Clayton
This service is connected to a real-time weather station near the Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne. Talk to me to find out about the temperature, wind speed and visibility in real-time.
Origin Energy
Origin Energy
The Origin Energy Tips agent takes in to account your localised weather situation and gives you energy saving tips customised to your day. Credit: Weather Data Source provided by OpenWeatherMap.
YesterWeather gives you the weather in the context of yesterday.
DiamondHead Lake
This allows people to ask about current DiamondHead Lake conditions, such as the current lake level, water temperature, and air temperature
Graham Media Group
Get the latest news and weather updates from Orlando's News 6 WKMG-TV!
Crested Butte Powder
This app can tell you if there is fresh snow at Crested Butte so in case it's a powder day - you stop working and go have fun in the mountains.
Iowa Lake Info
This allows people to ask about current Lake conditions, such as the current lake level, water temperature, and air temperature. We will be adding supported lakes as I find data for them and as they are requested by users. Currently supported are Red Rock, Saylorville, Coralville, Big Creek, and Diamondhead.
Michael duPont
AVWX will read the latest METAR reports for the station of your choice. You can specify airport name, ICAO ident, or IATA code. Support for additional report types will be added in the future.
Graham Media Group
Get the latest news and weather updates from WSLS 10 News!
Guernsey Weather
Provides current local weather for Guernsey and forecasts for the next 7 days.
personal forecast
personal forecast is always there to help you with weather in any city.
Lion City Weather
HCI Apps Company
Lion City Weather allows to find out the 2-hour weather, 24-hour forecast, and 4-day outlook in Singapore.
Sun Valley Mountain Report
Sun Valley
Sun Valley Resort winter mountain conditions and snow report for Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain.
The Arizona Daily Star
Get the weather in Tucson, latest news briefs from the Arizona Daily Star, and check the Tucson Classifieds.
Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller
With the Skydrop Action on Google, you can manage your Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller and get the current watering status. You can start and stop watering for specific zones as well as get the watering schedule/forecast. A Skydrop Controller and Skydrop account are required to use this skill.