Today's Verse
Christal & Monica
Today's verse allows you to be more positive and peaceful.
Today Daily Devotional
Reframe Media
Today is a daily devotional that helps God's people refresh, refocus and renew their faith through Bible reading, reflection, and prayer. You can also ask for a devotion from another date, if you want to get ahead or re-play an old favorite.
Prayer Pal
Prayer Pal helps you find out your local prayer times for the five daily prayers, as well as fasting times for Ramadan. You can ask questions like "When is Asr salah?", “What time is Maghrib?”, or "When can I pray Isha?", and we will give you the local timings for these prayers, based on your location. You can also try saying "What time is Fajr in Santa Clara?" or "When can I pray Isha in Waterloo Ontario?". We support all five prayers, and also support queries for suhoor and iftar. Try asking "When do I start fasting?" or “When is iftar?” during Ramadan.
Daily Affirmation
Daily Affirmation gives you an affirmation for the day. To only receive the affirmation say "Hey Google, tell Daily Affirmation to give me an affirmation."
Gita Quotes
Raghav Joshi
Gita Quotes will help you to live your life without getting frightened. It will motivate you to live your life fluently. The motive of this app is to spread the positivity and good things among the people. Get to know our religion, our culture, our belief. Connect with our religion and let's make this world a place of peace!
Pray Together
Request prayers on a particular subject, help fulfill the prayer requests of others by making prayers, and hear the prayers that have been made in response to your requests.
Muslim Guide
Muslim Guide provides Islamic prayer times and recites Adan and Quran. Muslim Guide can provide you with today's prayer times or just the time of the next prayer. It can recite the Adan and the Quran. Features: Here are some examples of what you can ask from your Muslim Guide: - Say 'Get prayer times in Seattle' to get the times of the five prayers for the day in Seattle. - Say 'Get the next prayer in New York' to get the time of the next prayer in New York. - Say 'Recite the Adan' to hear the Adan. - Say 'Recite Al Fatihah' or 'Recite the opener' or 'Recite Surah number 1' to hear Al-Fatihah. Limitations: - Google speech recognition does not recognize the surah names in Arabic, so it won't be easy to get it to identify which surah you mean. Instead, you can either say the surah order or the surah name in English. You can find the English translation of the surah names I used here at - Currently, Google limits the duration of the response. Long Surahs might be cut off in the middle. I am working on a workaround for this. Any suggestions are appreciated. - You have to use 'Play' for the Adan and 'Recite' for the Surah. - You are not able to set notifications for prayers. I am still looking into how to do this. Tips: Instead of having to say the whole command every time, you can set shortcuts in your Google Home App for your most used commands. For example, set a shortcut for 'Ask Muslim Guide to get Prayer Times in Seattle' as 'Get Prayer Times'. Copyrights: - Prayer times are obtained from - Adan is played from - Surahs are played from - Action logo is obtained from
Islam FAQ
do you have some FAQs about Islam? I will try to answer your questions, just say
Torah Portion
James Gosnell
Torah Portion tells you the name of the Torah portion for this week. Say, "ask the torah portion" and Assistant will respond with this week's Torah portion.
Eastview Christian Church
Christ-following changes us to look like Jesus and is a lifelong journey. We encourage you to find a consistent time daily for scripture intake and prayer. The Eastview Christian Church skill reads the Verse of the Day and Daily Devotion written thoughtfully by our pastors to deepen your walk with Jesus while challenging you to love ridiculously and witness dangerously.
Divine Song
This service randomly sings verses from Bhagavad Gita - Song of Lord from Mahabharata. You can also select a particular chapter and ask to sing it.
The Good Shepherd
The Good Shepherd Orthodox Church Inc.
The Good Shepherd App can tell you the Antiochian Orthodox fasting rules for any given day.
Hindu Guru
Festivals, Mantras, Gita Shlokas, Calendar and Pictures of various deities.
Westminster Catechism
Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever. We hope this tool will help you memorize theological truths so that you may fulfill your chief end. The Westminster Catechism was completed in 1647 and provides a simple question and answer format to learn biblical truths.
Wondrous Calendar
Glen Little
The "Wondrous Calendar" Action has details about the Wondrous (Badí') Calendar. Each year in the Wondrous calendar has 19 months with 19 days each. It is the official calendar of the Baha'i Faith. For details about this calendar, seeá'í_calendar The Action also contains daily verses from the compilation of Baha'u'llah's writings in "Reciting the Verses of God".
Coptic Faith
Coptic Church Library
"Taste and see that the Lord is good" Learn more about the Coptic Orthodox Church or brush up on some fundamentals of the faith Current topics include ✜ Key Orthodox concepts ✜ The Old Testament ✜ The New Testament ✜ Patristics ✜ Church History ✜ Liturgical Studies ✜ Apologetics ✜ Dogmatics New questions are added periodically