Want cleaner floors and carpets? Just speak up! The Google Assistant can now let you control your Wi-Fi®-connected Roomba® vacuuming robot. To get started, create an iRobot Home account and link your Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® vacuuming robots in the iRobot HOME App on your iOS or Android device. Then link your iRobot Home account by logging in with your Email and Password. For additional support and guidance, please visit
Geneva Home
GE Appliances
Geneva Home works with your Google Assistant to take GE Appliances and Monogram’s suite of WiFi Connect Appliances to the next level of awesome with hands-free voice controls. With Google Assistant and Geneva Home working together, you can use simple voice commands like, "Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to pre-heat the oven to three-fifty" or "Hey Google, ask Geneva Home if my clothes are clean”. If you have a GE Appliances refrigerator with a built-in Keurig® K-Cup® Brew System, you can say, "Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to heat water for coffee". To use this skill, you must have one or more GE Appliances or Monogram WiFi Connect products connected to your home wifi network. To get started: - Ensure your GE appliance is connected. For more information, go to - Say "Hey Google, let me talk to Geneva Home" to your Google assistant. - navigate to the Google Home App, under the discover tab click the link button. - Enter your GE Appliances WiFi Connect username and password to link your account. Here are some of the ways Google Assistant and Geneva Home can work together to bring voice control to your GE WiFi Connect appliances: Refrigerator Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to make hot water for coffee Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to turn on TurboCool Wall Oven & Range Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to set cook timer for 20 minutes Dishwasher Hey Google, ask Geneva Home when the dishwasher will be finished Hey Google, ask Geneva Home do I need rinse aid Washer Hey Google, ask Geneva Home if my clothes are clean Hey Google, ask Geneva Home how much time is left on my washer Dryer Hey Google, ask Geneva Home is my laundry dry Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to keep tumbling GeoSpring Water Heater Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to switch the water heater to vacation mode Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to set the water heater to 110 degrees Window Air Conditioner Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to turn on my Air Conditioner Hey Google, ask Geneva Home to set my Air Conditioner to 70 degrees Questions? Visit or call GE Appliances’ Connected Home Support Line at 1-800-220-6899, M-F, 9am - 6pm EST.
Control your smart home including lights, shades, heating, home appliances and other connected devices via the digitalSTROM platform. You can call predefined actions, scenes and control single devices using the digitalSTROM user-defined-actions editor.
Power Mobile Life LLC
The EufyHome - RoboVac Action allows you to control your RoboVac by using Google Assistant. How to get started (1) Open the Google Home app. (2) Say “Ok Google, talk to RoboVac” to the Google Assistant-enabled device to initiate the Google action for RoboVac. (3) Follow the instructions in the Google Home app to authorize the Google Assistant with your EufyHome account. If this skill does not respond as expected, please make sure: 1) RoboVac is online. 2) You have connected RoboVac with the EufyHome app. 3) RoboVac is still linked to your EufyHome account. Compatible products: - RoboVac 11c RoboVac 11c works together with Google Assistant to keep your home clean. Cleaning tips: RoboVac will clean for up to 1.5 hours and will automatically return to the chargning base. After connecting Google Assistant to your RoboVac, just say: "OK Google, ask RoboVac to start cleaning" "OK Google, ask RoboVac to stop cleaning" "OK Google, ask RoboVac to go home" "OK Google, ask RoboVac to find my robot" If two or more RoboVac devices are added to the EufyHome app and you use Google Assistant to control them, use the EufyHome app to rename each RoboVac. Names should be easy to pronounce in English and must not contain an emoji or special characters. When giving a command, replace (robot name) with the name of your RoboVac. "OK Google, ask RoboVac (robot name) to start cleaning" "OK Google, ask RoboVac (robot name) to stop cleaning" "OK Google, ask RoboVac (robot name) to go home" "OK Google, ask RoboVac (robot name) to find my robot" For more information, go to If you have any questions on RoboVac, please contact Eufy Suppport: 1-800-988-7973 (US) Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (PST)
Linking MyQ with a Google Home gives you the ability to control MyQ with your voice. You can close MyQ connected garage doors as well as ask if your doors are open or closed.
LG Electronics
LG Smart ThinQ works with Google Assistant, making it easy to control your LG appliances with your voice. It's always on - just ask for Home Monitoring, Remote Control and more. Here is the list of devices which are compatible with Google Assistant. - Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Air Purifier, Range, Air Conditioner, Robot Cleaner, Dishwasher (Note : When you ask assistant to control LG appliances, you may call your product with device type or nickname that you set in LG SmartThinQ App.) For more information about the LG SmartThinQ skill, please visit
SmarTap start one of your shower preference on SmarTap Digital Shower
ECOVACS Robotics
Log on to your ECOVACS with your user credentials and ensure your DEEBOT OZMO 930 is connected and online. Link your Google account and ECOVACS account to enable voice activation of your DEEBOT via Google Home. For more information about how DEEBOT connected works with Google Home, go to
MobiLinc Connect
Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC
Link your MobiLinc Connect account to sync your voice names for your devices, scenes, and programs to your MobiLinc Connect account for use with the Google Assistant and Google Home. When you make changes to your voice names in your ISY, simply say "Ok Google, tell mobilink connect to refresh devices" and MobiLinc will pull in your voice names to MobiLinc Connect for the Google Assistant and Google Home.
Tigo Smart
Tigo Energy
Tigo can tell you how much power you've produced for a given day or time period, as well as the average and peak daily production. You can also check on the latest power production, or ask for a system summary. *Power and energy values are approximations. Refer to a revenue grade meter for precision calculations.
The Scotts Company
Water your yard with your voice and your Blossom Smart Watering Controller! Specify the zone (by number) and the time duration to run your sprinklers. If not specified, then all zones will run a watering cycle for the default duration of three minutes each. It’s just as simple to turn off your sprinklers too, if they come on suddenly during your backyard bar-b-que!
Kitchen Expert
Kitchen Expert agent helps you to control Gourmia kitchen appliances by voice like starting a coffee maker with choosing strength of brewing, type of coffee and number of cups, and also a cooking devices like grill or sous-vide. To use Kitchen Expert you need at least one of three Gourmia appliances: Gourmia GCM4500 Coffee Maker, Gourmia GTA2800 WiFi Air Fryer or Gourmia GSV-150 Sous-Vide. Just ask for Kitchen Expert and with few steps it will set up Gourmia appliance to prepare your drink or food. First it will check with a simple question what do you want, and if you choose a recipe it will find it and read it's steps aloud. Then agent turns on your device according to the preferences. Or you can simply ask it to prepare a drink in the single phrase. More new appliances are coming.
Geeni, by Merkury Innovations
Your wish is our command. With Geeni and Google Assistant, you can now interact with your Geeni smart home devices by voice. You can simply ask Google Assistant to turn smart plugs on and off and to control smart bulbs : turn on, turn off, dim, and change color (if applicable). You can also control many devices at once, like "Turn Off Bedroom and Living Room". To get started, just say "OK Google, Talk to Geeni Voice" and pair your account using the Google Home app. To tell Google Assistant which device to control, use the names you set up already in the Geeni app. You can say, "OK Google, ask geeni to set <device name> to 50%" "OK Google, talk to geeni voice to turn on <device name>" "Ok Google, ask geeni to turn off <device name>" "Ok Google, ask geeni to change <color bulb> to red" Currently, this Action supports the Geeni smart plugs and smart bulbs. If you have any problems, please contact us at
The Jenn-Air agent makes it easy to interact with, control, and monitor your Jenn-Air connected oven. As long as you have a registered Jenn-Air connected oven and access to Wi-Fi, you can link your Jenn-Air account to Google Home for simple, seamless voice interaction. To get the most out of your Jenn-Air connected oven, ensure that it is set for Remote Start. If Remote Start is not enabled, select commands will not function (example: preheating the oven). To set Remote Start, power on the oven. Next touch Tools > Wireless Features > Remote Start > Next. If not already selected, touch Yes, then touch Set. Your oven is now Remote Start enabled. If the oven door is opened, Remote Start will be turned off. To turn Remote Start on, touch Re-enable when the door is closed. Please note that enabling the Button/Control Lock feature will disable Remote Start. Google Home works with select Jenn-Air connected appliances. Learn more at
Smart Voice
Smart Voice
Smart Voice can control your lights, blinds, AV, Climate Control and other smart home devices. If you have smart devices in your home that is connected to home automation networks like C-BUS and Push, you can use the smart voice platform to configure and control them.
Senclo Fi
Senclo Fi allows you to control your garage with just your voice! You can tell it to open or close the garage. You can also ask Fi to see if your garage is open or not. You will no longer have to wonder whether or not your garage is closed or opened.
Simple Connect
Hunter Fan Company
Start with "Okay Google, talk to Simpleconnect", use your voice to turn on your HunterFan and control its lights and fan speed. It's easy and efficient.
Innit is your culinary GPS for everyday eating. With the use of the companion Innit mobile app, users can now control their cooking experience hands-free—from navigating personalized cooking instructions to controlling smart appliances from across the room.
Powertech Industrial Co.,Ltd
APPSPOWER is a dedicated electrical safety and protection system developed by Powertech. With your Powertech smart product, you can easily control your appliance with your voice and Google Assistant will do the rest! It is all begin with “Ok, Google! Ask APPSPOWER to …”.
K Smart
Description K Smart, is an intelligent hardware, the main function of the skills to control the socket,make sure you have the latest Google Home app on your device, you have your K Smart socket, and activate the K Smart Action. This will require your K Smart app account email and password to authorize Google Home to access your devices.
Ori’s residential systems offer intelligent space on demand: with the light touch of a finger or a voice command, a spacious living room converts into a comfortable bedroom, a walk-in closet, or an office, all connected to existing smart-home ecosystems. Use the Ori app to control your Ori System. The Ori app requires that you have set up your Ori System with the Ori mobile app. You will be prompted to link your Ori account with your Google account to use the app. The Ori app allows you to transform your Ori System into your --living room, --walk-in closet, --and bedroom. You can also --move your bed in and out --and turn the lights on and off. In addition, you can dim the lights to an intensity between 0 and 100. Finally, you can update your settings and save the current position of your system to be your new living room, walk-in closet, or bedroom presets.
ANKEE is now part of Actions on Google. With this app, you can turn your ANKEE lights on or off or set its brightness. To experience the full feature of this app: 1. You'll need an ANKEE appliance. 2. Set it up to Wi-Fi network(has internet access) by using our ANKEE app which can be downloaded at Google Play and App Store. 3. You can start using the app given that you have already linked your account. Please note that you can change the name of your appliance any time by using the ANKEE app mentioned above.
Eco Watering
Nxeco, Inc.
Smart controller is developed by Nxeco Inc. Google-home could provide one easy tool to operate the smart irrigation controller. The following commands are implemented for irrigation such as: Garden 2, please. Water zone 2 for 3 min. , Delay 24 hrs. and more.
Shelly Cloud
Shelly Cloud is the intelligent home control system - the app is your mobile controller, enabling you to conveniently access all connected devices. Whether it is the air conditioner, a light switch, the coffee machine or something else, with the Shelly Cloud app you can define individual settings for desired times or specific occasions, control the alarm system or regulate the lightning and heating. To get started, search for the Shelly Cloud application and Install it on your device. When the Shelly Cloud is enabled, you will be redirected automatically to the, from where you have to login to your account. After you login, just say: “Ok Google, talk to Shelly Cloud”. Then you can simply start giving commands to your connected Shelly devices. Use the following requests to automate your devices: To set certain timeout to a device just say: Turn/Switch/Power ON [device name] in [#] minute/minutes. Turn/Switch/Power OFF [device name] for [#] minute/minutes. Ex: “Turn ON light in 5 minutes” Turn ON/OFF devices: Turn/Switch/Power ON [device name] Turn/Switch/Power OFF [device name] Ex: “Power ON iron.” Turn Roller On: Open/Pull Up/Close/Pull Down/Stop [device name] Ex: “Pull up curtains” Give commands to group devices: Device group [group_name] ON. Device group [group_name] OFF. Ex: “Device group lights off” Change lighting colors: Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] TO Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Purple/Orange/Magenta Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] COLOR Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Purple/Orange/Magenta Ex: “Change lights TO red” Set Light Percentage: Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] to [number from 1 to 100] percent Ex: “Set Lights to 60 percent” Set Light Conditions: Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] to cool/cold/white/normal/daylight/warm/night Ex: “Set Light to daylight” Get Sensor Information: What IS/ARE [device name/room name] condition Ex: “What is bedroom condition?” Get consumption readings from device: How much is [device name] consumption? Ex: “How much is air conditioner consumption” To end the conversation just say one of the following: “Bye” “Stop” “Terminate” “End” “End conversation” “End communication”
intelligent outlet
you can use this agent to control Konke Mini WiFi outlet. for example, turn on the radio, turn off the radio, 'radio' is the device name in Smart K app. if operation success, the service will response ' sure. turning the radio on'. if operation timeout, the service will response 'it looks like the radio isn’t available right now.'
Zoma Home
Allows voice control of Zoma home automation devices using the conversational API of Google assistant. Zoma offers a simple, secure and smart home automation system to reduce the daily stress of home owners. With best in class security, simplified WiFi setup, intuitive user interface, text and email notifications Zoma addresses home owners anxiety of leaving things on. Integration with Google assistant introduces voice control and simplifies the operation even further to a conversation with Google Assistant.
Danale Smart Life
If you are using IoT devices supported by danale, just talk with Google. Now this action support to control IPC, Light, Curtain, Thermostat, Socket and Switch, query status of your devices, speak out events from devices.
Netro Sprite
Netro Inc
Netro is a cloud based watering system that is designed for effortless use in residential irrigation. It helps to reduce unnecessary water usage and keeps your garden healthy. Netro creates dynamic watering schedules by analyzing your local weather and estimating the rain amount. The Netro app shows the key factors for a healthy garden so you know exactly how your garden is doing. It also provides a convenient schedule manager through which you can adjust your watering preferences and Netro will optimally adjust the schedule for you. With the Netro sprite app, you can control your sprinklers from anywhere. You can purchase the smart watering controller (Netro Sprite) and the smart plant sensor (Netro Whisperer) at or
Cool Smart
Full description: Cool Smart, an assistant app. It can control the Cool Smart device for wireless WiFi. To use your Google Home with your Cool Smart, make sure you have the latest Google Home App on your device, and add the Cool Smart service. This will require your Cool Smart account username and password to authorize Google Home to access your devices. To get started, add the service named Cool Smart in the Google Home App to link your Cool Smart account. When using the assistant app. you need to specify by name which device to use. You can set the devices's name in DTSmart app which controls your devices. You can find the exact DTSmart app name in your product user manual. Your Cool Smart now talk directly to the Google Home through the assistant. You can control your Cool Smart with simple statements like: OK Google, turn on the light. OK Google, turn off the light. OK Google, turn on/off the <device' name>. OK Google, set light to red. OK Google, set light to blue. OK Google, set <device' name> to <device' color>. If you have any questions, please visit dtston website or email for further assistance.
Magic Home
If you have an iMagic smart home device, you can now control the on/off state of your device simply through talking to your Google Home.
Zing Locator
Zing locator allows you to locate bluetooth devices that you have added to the zing platform such as your keys or wallet.
Qubi control
Qubi is a revolutionary robot contains 2 parts, the torso and the robot vacuum cleaner, you can ask Qubi robot vacuum cleaner to start, pause, continue and stop cleaning by talking to Google Assistance, even clean up a designated area and select between multiple cleaning modes can be controlled by your voice. Asking Qubi to go home, it goes back to the charging station where the torso and the robot vacuum cleaner can be assembled, then it becomes a complete robot and able to move around in your place. There is a 360 degree camera built in on top of Qubi’s torso, this makes Qubi also a security guard, not just moving around, but patrol to secure your place.
imonitor smarthome
iMonitor Solutions India Pvt Ltd
iMonitor smarthome will let you control lights, dimmers and air conditioning device by using simple commands using Google Home. 1..If you want to control the lights and air conditioning devices you can use, "Turn on/Switch on with device name" to turn on lights, and "Turn off/Switch off" to turn off lights. Example:- 1.Turn on Tube light or Switch on Lloyd ac. 2.Turn off Tube light or Switch off Lloyd ac. 2.If you want to control the dimmers you can use, "increase with value(0-99) and device name" to increase the brightness similarly "decrease with value (0-99) and device name" to decrease the brightness. Example:- 1.increase 90 for ground dimmer. 2.decrease 0 for chandelier. 3.If you want to control the temperature of air condition devices, you can use "set with temperature value (16 to 27) and device name". Example:- 1. set 20 for Voltas ac. 4.If you want to control the fan mode of air condition devices, you can use "set low/medium/high with device name". Example:-1. set low/medium/high for Voltas ac. 5.If you want to control the various modes of air condition devices, you can use "set modes(heat/dry/fan/cool/auto) with device name". Example:-1.set cool for Lloyd ac. 2.set fan for Voltas ac. 6.If you want to control the swing mode of air condition devices, you can use "swing on/off with device name". Example:-1.swing on Lloyd ac. 2.swing off Voltas ac.
Candy Bianca
Candy Hoover Group
Enter a new world, control your Candy Bianca in the most innovative, easiest and coolest way, you can: 1. Define with Bianca the best program to use Thanks to talking Bianca self-learning system you will be able to ask Bianca the most suitable cycle based on your needs, using three simple inputs: - Fabrics type or clothes - Colour - Soil level Bianca will give you a feedback proposing the best cycle. 2. Tips and hints Ask Bianca how to clean the most difficult stains. 3. Gimmicks Try to ask some strange questions to Bianca, she will surprise you.
bubble drip
bubble lab
bubble lab drip help all users to control drip devices , users can say talk to bubble drip to start this app ,and talk wake or sleep to control drip
Gro Connect
The Scotts Company
Water your yard with your voice and your Gro Smart Watering Controller! Specify the zone (by number) and the time duration to run your sprinklers. If not specified, then all zones will run a watering cycle for the default duration of three minutes each. It’s just as simple to turn off your sprinklers too, if they come on suddenly during your backyard bar-b-que!
intelligent plug
CNCT life
you can use this agent to control CNCT WiFi plug. for example, turn on the radio, turn off the radio, 'radio' is the device name in CNCT life app. if operation success, the service will response ' sure. turning the radio on'. if operation timeout, the service will response 'it looks like the radio isn’t available right now.'