Google Inc.
Use your Google Home to control your Chromecast devices with just your voice. Stream your favorite music, control playback and turn on/off your Chromecast-connected TV, by asking your Google Assistant. Read more about how to turn on/off your TV in this article:
Phone Settings
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant to control your phone settings.
Candle Lighting
Sheya Bernstein
Try asking "when is candle lighting in Golders Green?"
Linking MyQ with a Google Home gives you the ability to control MyQ with your voice. You can close MyQ connected garage doors as well as ask if your doors are open or closed.
House Online
Inova.Casa smart home control system. You can check who is at home right now, turn on the lights, turn off the TV and execute many other actions on your smart home. For more datails, please check
Hubble Home
HubbleConnected Pvt. Ltd.
You can interact with Hubble Camera devices over Google voice assistant to get camera device details like temperature, enabling/disabling video privacy mode, play/stop play of preloaded lullabies etc. Supported commands are : Hey Google, Ask HubbleHome to get the temperature. Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to enable Motion Recording Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to disable Motion Recording Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to enable Video feed privacy. Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to disable Video feed privacy. Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to play lullaby .
Home Butler
With this skill you can control any system that is currently controlled via your RTI system. E.g: Audio Visual, Lighting, Blinds, HVAC, even the Garage Door. You MUST have an RTI XPx Processor and Driver connected to the internet to use this skill or it will not work. (Other control systems may be added in the future) Please Note: This is an unofficial skill and is not sponsored or endorsed by Remote Technologies Inc.
- Robot control and movement - Content control and app launching - Projected screen control - Control volume - Take pictures Learn more:
intelligent outlet
you can use this agent to control Konke Mini WiFi outlet. for example, turn on the radio, turn off the radio, 'radio' is the device name in Smart K app. if operation success, the service will response ' sure. turning the radio on'. if operation timeout, the service will response 'it looks like the radio isn’t available right now.'
StaticVillage gives you the power to manage your TV life with the power of your voice. StaticVillage allows you to discover whats popular and trending.