Now you can use your voice with the Google Assistant to control your Nest Thermostat. Raise or lower the temperature in your home and switch between heating and cooling modes with simple voice commands, all without you needing to lift a finger.
intelligent HOME
Connected Design, Inc.
You can use this app to control intelligent HOME devices such as smart light and AC. Also you can change scene like "Away" mode to "Home" mode, activating the light and AC in your living room by the automation rule setting of intelligent HOME.
Control your smart home including lights, shades, heating, home appliances and other connected devices via the digitalSTROM platform. You can call predefined actions, scenes and control single devices using the digitalSTROM user-defined-actions editor.
Spare the Air
The Spare the Air app can tell you today's Spare the Air status, and (if available) tomorrow's Spare the Air status as well.
LG Electronics
LG Smart ThinQ works with Google Assistant, making it easy to control your LG appliances with your voice. It's always on - just ask for Home Monitoring, Remote Control and more. Here is the list of devices which are compatible with Google Assistant. - Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Air Purifier, Range, Air Conditioner, Robot Cleaner, Dishwasher (Note : When you ask assistant to control LG appliances, you may call your product with device type or nickname that you set in LG SmartThinQ App.) For more information about the LG SmartThinQ skill, please visit
House Online
Inova.Casa smart home control system. You can check who is at home right now, turn on the lights, turn off the TV and execute many other actions on your smart home. For more datails, please check
First Alert
With the Onelink action and Google Home, you can now interact with your Onelink Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Environment Monitors by voice. To get started, open Onelink Home from your Google Home device and link your Onelink account using the Google Home app. To use this action, you will need a Onelink by First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm and/or Environment Monitor. To get started, open Onelink Home from your Google Home device and link your Onelink account using the Google Home app. Once enabled and your account is linked you can say “Ok Google, ask Onelink” or “Ok Google, open Onelink". If you have Onelink Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, you can get the status, for example: “Ok Google, ask Onelink what is the status of my alarms.” If you have Onelink Environment Monitors, you can get the temperature, for example: “Ok Google, ask Onelink the temperature at home." If you have Onelink Environment Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, you can get help, for example: “Ok Google, ask Onelink how I test my alarms.” If you need help, please contact us at or see our FAQ at
Conrad Connect
Conrad Connect GmbH
Conrad Connect allows you to link various intelligent devices through recipes. For the creation of such recipes, a free registration at is necessary. Recipes for running actions are called Do-Recipes and can be controlled with your Google Home.
Hubble Home
HubbleConnected Pvt. Ltd.
You can interact with Hubble Camera devices over Google voice assistant to get camera device details like temperature, enabling/disabling video privacy mode, play/stop play of preloaded lullabies etc. Supported commands are : Hey Google, Ask HubbleHome to get the temperature. Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to enable Motion Recording Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to disable Motion Recording Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to enable Video feed privacy. Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to disable Video feed privacy. Hey Google, Ask Hubblehome to play lullaby .
Smart Voice
Smart Voice
Smart Voice can control your lights, blinds, AV, Climate Control and other smart home devices. If you have smart devices in your home that is connected to home automation networks like C-BUS and Push, you can use the smart voice platform to configure and control them.
Orient AC
By linking your Mevris account, you can control your Orient Smart AC along with other internet connected devices in your Mevris account.
Smart AC
Sensibo allows you to control your air conditioners and heat pumps using your voice. You can turn them on and off, change the temperature and fan levels.
Dexatek Technology
The agent helps you to control your Sigma Casa devices or get the current status of Sigma Casa devices. To turn on the light, just say: “Ok google, talk to Sigma Casa.” Then say: “turn on the light”. To know whether something happened when you are not at home, say: “Ok google, talk to Sigma Casa”, then say: “give me status of shock detector”. Here are more examples after you launch Sigma Casa agent: Turn on the light. Turn on the power plug. Turn on the inlet switch. Turn off the light. Turn off the power plug. Turn off the inlet switch. Set the light to 80 percent. Give me the status of the light. Give me the status of the door. Give me the status of the weather. Give me the status of the thermostat. Give me the status of the shock detector. Give me the status of the smoke detector. Give me the status of the motion sensor. You can also specify the device name, for example: Turn on Peter’s light. Set Peter’s light to 80 percent. Give me status of Peter’s light.
Shelly Cloud
Shelly Cloud is the intelligent home control system - the app is your mobile controller, enabling you to conveniently access all connected devices. Whether it is the air conditioner, a light switch, the coffee machine or something else, with the Shelly Cloud app you can define individual settings for desired times or specific occasions, control the alarm system or regulate the lightning and heating. To get started, search for the Shelly Cloud application and Install it on your device. When the Shelly Cloud is enabled, you will be redirected automatically to the, from where you have to login to your account. After you login, just say: “Ok Google, talk to Shelly Cloud”. Then you can simply start giving commands to your connected Shelly devices. Use the following requests to automate your devices: To set certain timeout to a device just say: Turn/Switch/Power ON [device name] in [#] minute/minutes. Turn/Switch/Power OFF [device name] for [#] minute/minutes. Ex: “Turn ON light in 5 minutes” Turn ON/OFF devices: Turn/Switch/Power ON [device name] Turn/Switch/Power OFF [device name] Ex: “Power ON iron.” Turn Roller On: Open/Pull Up/Close/Pull Down/Stop [device name] Ex: “Pull up curtains” Give commands to group devices: Device group [group_name] ON. Device group [group_name] OFF. Ex: “Device group lights off” Change lighting colors: Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] TO Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Purple/Orange/Magenta Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] COLOR Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Purple/Orange/Magenta Ex: “Change lights TO red” Set Light Percentage: Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] to [number from 1 to 100] percent Ex: “Set Lights to 60 percent” Set Light Conditions: Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] to cool/cold/white/normal/daylight/warm/night Ex: “Set Light to daylight” Get Sensor Information: What IS/ARE [device name/room name] condition Ex: “What is bedroom condition?” Get consumption readings from device: How much is [device name] consumption? Ex: “How much is air conditioner consumption” To end the conversation just say one of the following: “Bye” “Stop” “Terminate” “End” “End conversation” “End communication”
K Smart
Description K Smart, is an intelligent hardware, the main function of the skills to control the socket,make sure you have the latest Google Home app on your device, you have your K Smart socket, and activate the K Smart Action. This will require your K Smart app account email and password to authorize Google Home to access your devices.
AirGroup Australia
CoolBreeze Connect allows you to control your CoolBreeze Air Conditioner using voice commands via the google assistant.
Gideon Home
Braindrain Solutions LTD
With Gideon Home you will be able to control the multibrand devices you have already installed through the Gideon Smart Home app. Please link your Gideon account first. You can control the following device types: - Lights - Thermostats - Plugs - Switches - Air monitors - Smoke alarms - Locks Check for the complete list of supported devices. Through Gideon Home and Google Home you will able to trigger the following actions using common phrases: CONTROL SINGLE DEVICE BY DEVICE'S NAME - Turn on/off - Change color - Set brightness - Lock/Unlock Examples: - turn off <device_name>. - set <device_name> colour to red. - set <device_name> brightness to 30 percent. - lock/unlock <device_name> GROUP ACTIONS - Turn on/off all the devices of a specific type. - Turn on/off all the devices in a specific room. - Change color to all the lights. - Change color to all the lights in a specific room. - Turn on/off heating/cooling. Examples: - turn on the lights. - turn off the plugs in the <room_name>. - turn on the switches in the <room_type>. - set the lights colour to <colour_name>. - make the <room_name> <colour_name>. - set the heating to <number> degrees. - set the cooling to <number> degrees. Available colors: blue, green, red, yellow, white, orange, pink, purple, violet, turquoise, magenta, fuchsia, gold, cyan, lime, lavender, salmon, teal. SCENARIOS - Launch scenarios by <scenario_name> Examples: - <Good Morning>. - it's <Movie> time! - let's have a <Party>! AIR QUALITY AND TEMPERATURE - Co2 readings - Indoor temperature - Outdoor temperature - Air general status Examples: - tell me the air status. - what about the co2 level? - tell me the outdoor temperature. For any question/feedback/suggestion please contact us at!
Danale Smart Life
If you are using IoT devices supported by danale, just talk with Google. Now this action support to control IPC, Light, Curtain, Thermostat, Socket and Switch, query status of your devices, speak out events from devices.
Control your ecobee thermostat using the ecobee app by just asking the Google Assistant! If you have a Google Home, Android or iOS smartphone, you can link your ecobee account to Google to control your ecobee with voice. To get started, link your ecobee account using your ecobee account login. Using your thermostat name, you can say the following: Getting the temperature, set point and mode: "Ok Google, what is the current temperature in the Bedroom?" "Hey Google, what's the Living Room set to?" "Ok Google, what's the temperature of my thermostat?" Setting the temperature: "Ok Google, set the temperature in the Kitchen to 72" "Ok Google, set the temperature to 68 degrees" Resuming your schedule: "Hey Google, turn off the Living Room hold" "Ok Google, turn on the Kitchen schedule" Increasing the temperature: "Ok Google, make the Living Room warmer" "Hey Google, increase the temperature in the Kitchen by 2 degrees" Decreasing the temperature: "Hey Google, make the Bedroom cooler" "Ok Google, make the Living Room 3 degrees colder" Running the fan: "Ok Google, turn the Living Room fan on" Setting Away, Home and Sleep comfort settings: "Ok Google, set Living Room comfort setting to Away" "Hey Google, set Bedroom comfort setting to Sleep" Changing the mode: "Ok Google, turn on heat mode in the Bedroom" "Hey Google, change to automatic mode in the Living Room" "Ok Google, turn on cool mode in the Kitchen" Getting the equipment status "Ok Google, is the Living Room fan on? "Hey Google, is the Kitchen dehumidifer on?" Note: You can ask about the status of your heating, cooling, boiler, heat pump, humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator and fan.
Smart Cat
Smart Cat provides you with more extensive control of Connectiviot smart devices for Google Home. To enable your Connectiviot smart devices for Google Home, please read the instructions as follow. Connectiviot Smart Switch Application 1. Download and install Connectiviot Smart Switch ANDROID application from Google Play Store. 2. Sign up a new account. 3. Setup a new Connectiviot Smart Switch device. 4. Rename your Smart Switch device name. It’s better to use unique names such as “Bedroom Lamp” or "Kitchen Light." 4. Go to Google Home application to enable Smart Cat. You can control your devices like this: "Ok Google, talk to smart cat" (After listening of the announce of smart cat, you can say like "bedroom lamp off") "Ok Google, talk to smart cat to turn on bathroom lamp" "Ok Google, talk to smart cat to check heater voltage" For more information on setup and control your Connectiviot Smart Switch devices with Google Home, please visit
Use your voice to control your tado° Smart Thermostat, Smart Radiator Thermostat and Smart AC Control. Simply ask the Google Assistant for the current temperature in the living room or to turn on the heating in the kitchen. It will respond with the temperature currently measured by tado or set the thermostats according to your command.
Hank Connect
Full description: Hank Connect, an assistant app. It can control the Hank Connect device for wireless WiFi. To use your Google Home with your Hank Connect, make sure you have the latest Google Home App on your device, and add the Hank Connect service. This will require your Hank Connect account username and password to authorize Google Home to access your devices. To get started, add the service named Hank Connect in the Google Home App to link your Hank Connect account. When using the assistant app. you need to specify by name which device to use. You can set the devices's name in HankConnect app which controls your devices. You can find the exact HankConnect app name in your product user manual. Your Hank Connect now talk directly to the Google Home through the assistant. You can control your Hank Connect with simple statements like: OK Google, turn on the light. OK Google, turn off the light. OK Google, turn on/off the <device' name>. OK Google, set light to red. OK Google, set light to blue. OK Google, set <device' name> to <device' color>. If you have any questions, please visit hank website or email for further assistance.
You can control smart home devices by the app, like turn on(off) the light/curtain/plug. And you can ask it to tell you how about temperature/humidity at home
Honeywell International Inc.
Take control of your comfort with Google Assistant and your Honeywell connected thermostat. The Lyric Round™, Lyric™ T-Series, and Total Connect Comfort thermostats are all supported.
Melissa Climate
Melissa Climate is the official Google Assistant app that lets you control your air conditioner by communicating with it through the MClimate Melissa smart controller. In order to use the app you have to own a MClimate Melissa controller and to have MClimate account.
Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Intl
With the Honeywell Action and Google, you can now interact with your Honeywell evohome and Single Zone Thermostats with Google Assistant. When using the Action, you need to specify by name which thermostat/sensor to use. There are two ways to define this/these names: - Use the name(s) you set up already – these are shown and can be changed in the Total Connect Comfort app, or - Create an Google Home Room, like “Bedroom” or “Downstairs”, and add the thermostat and/or one or more sensors to the group. Once you know the name or group of your thermostat, you can say the following: “OK Google, lower Bedroom by 3 degrees”, or “OK Google, set ‘Living Room’ temperature to 21 degrees”. A list of example commands includes: - “OK Google, set [group/zone or thermostat name] to X degrees” - “OK Google, raise [group/zone or thermostat name] by X degrees” - "OK Google,lower [group/zone or thermostat name] by X degrees” - “OK Google, what is the temperature in the [group/zone or thermostat name]?” - “OK Google, what is the [group/zone or thermostat name] set to?” User experience notes: - "OK Google, set [name] to Heat Mode will set the scheduled setpoint. - "OK Google, set [name] to Off Mode will set the zone to 5 degrees.
Sensibo Ltd.
Sensibo allows you to control your air conditioners and heat pumps using your voice. You can turn them on and off and change the temperature.
Mysa Thermostat
Empowered Homes
Mysa is a smart, Wi-Fi enabled, line voltage thermostat that combines sleek design with innovative software to give users total control of their heating systems and help homeowners save money. Mysa maximizes energy savings by using machine learning algorithms and big data to automate the homeowner’s heating schedule; without sacrificing the homeowner’s comfort.
Lux Products
Lux Products
The Lux Products App works seamlessly with the Google Assistant to provide voice control over your Lux thermostats. You can do things like change between heating and cooling, chose a set temperature or turn on your system fan. Lux thermostats will only work with Google Assistant if you are using a permanent power supply. For LUX/GEO users with battery only power, you will not be use Google Assistant with your thermostat. Please contact Lux Products for additional support.