Unit Conversions
Google Inc.
Get conversions of global currencies and units.
Bitcoin Prices
Get the latest price & chart for Bitcoin, Ethereum or 100s of alt-coins like Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and many more.
BOSS Money
IDT Payment Services Inc
Use BOSS Revolution Money to get the FX rate for 30+ countries including Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, Honduras, El Salvador and more. Simply say, "Ok Google, ask BOSS Money What is the fx rate for Guatemala?", and you will get the current exchange rate (to 1 USD) and low fee. You can also just say, "Ok Google, talk to BOSS Money" to get started.
spoonacular LLC
The spoonacular action allows you to access your meal planner and shopping list with your voice! Furthermore, you can retrieve nutritional information, convert amounts, get ingredient replacement tips, and listen to food related trivia and jokes. For meal planning you will need a free spoonacular.com account.
Egyptian pound
Mohamed Abd-elaziz
US Dollar to Egyptian pound currency converter. Get live exchange rates for United States Dollar , Euro and GBP to Egyptian pound. Use Eg Currency free assistant to convert foreign currencies to Egyptian Pound
Doctor Electron
Steve Owens
Doctor Electron enables basic electronic conversions betweens watts/amps and volts.
Guess the Crypto Currency
A game to guess the name of a crypto currency. The player has to guess what the currency is called based on it's ticker, or other facts about it.