Revolution Digital
Revolution Digital
Revolution Digital is a marketing and Social Media Agency located in New Jersey. Our assistant can help you find general information about our company.
Left Field Labs
Left Field Labs
Say hello to Left Field Labs! Learn about recent projects, job openings, contact information and more.
ATS Job Search
Application Tracking System (ATS) Job Search can help in your career. It searches jobs from range of organisations of all sizes with vacancies. The Application Tracking System (ATS) system searches the latest jobs in AA, Buckinghamshire County Council, Heathrow, Highways England, HS2, Mercedes Benz, Rental Cars, Saga, Spire and Virgin Media
Are you a business looking for talent at top tech consulting and services firms? Learn how our chatbot Pat can show you all available talent at top tech services firms. Are you a top tech consulting and services firm looking to showcase your team and get new client leads? Learn about the WhatBench here.
Matthew the Code Guy
Matthew Nguyen
Matthew Nguyen will answer questions about his availability, skillset, experience, and what he is looking for in the next opportunity. You can ask such question as "are you currently looking for new opportunity", "what type of project have you worked on?", etc.