Restaurant Recommendations
Google Inc.
Get restaurant recommendations from your Assistant.
Wine Guide
Wine Guide gives you basic food and wine pairing recommendations. Whether you're at a restaurant, wine bar, or shopping for wine in store, Wine Guide can help you pair wine with food. Ages 21+ Please drink responsibly.
Anova Culinary
The Anova integration for Google Home makes it easier than ever to cook restaurant quality food at home. Now, you can control your cooker and even access cooking guides using only your voice. What you need to enable and use the action: - The Anova mobile app for Android or iOS - An Anova account - An Anova WI-FI Precision Cooker connected to your account After you've enabled the service, you just have to say “Hey Google, ask Anova to start my cooker at 139 degrees.” and your cooker will start up. Or, try saying things like: - Hey Google, ask Anova to check the status of my cook. - Hey Google, tell Anova to set my cooker's temperature to 145.3 degrees You can also say "Hey Google, ask Anova for Help" to get a complete list of the current things you can do. We're continuing to work on this action, so check back often for new features. Coming Up: - Scheduled Cook - Better command recognition
Coffee Finder
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant about cafe recommendations
Domino’s Pizza LLC
Ordering your Domino’s favorites is now even easier. With the Domino’s action on Google Home you can start a new order and customize a pizza and any item on the menu, or place your Easy Order or your most recent order. You can also get your order’s status with Domino’s Tracker®. Available only in the U.S. You can place a guest order or sign in to your Domino’s Pizza Profile to access your Easy Order or most recent order. If you don’t have a Pizza Profile, set one up at You’ll also need an Easy Order or a recent order saved within your Pizza Profile. After you’ve placed your order, you can get Domino’s Tracker® updates at each stage, from the time it’s placed to when it’s ready for delivery or pickup. To get started, just say “Ok Google, let me talk to Domino’s.” Google will connect you to Domino’s to get you ordering and tracking in no time.
Hipo Smart
This is a smart butler and housekeeper service for hotels currently available at LDC Hotel group only. Hotel customers can enjoy cutting-edge technologies to make hotel stay more convenient. Hotel staff will find HipoSmart service to be helpful with daily operations. Please visit for more information.
Beer Man
Beer Man is your personal assistant for finding and learning more about great beer. Powered by Untappd.
The Jameson Bar
Snaps Media
When you enter The Jameson Bar, you are taking a seat at a bar stocked full of Irish tradition. The Jameson Bar brings the bartender from behind the counter to your home, walking you through how to mix all of Jameson’s signature cocktails and serving them up with something to help you celebrate – toasts for any occasion. To get started, simply say, “Okay Google, talk to The Jameson Bar,” to any Google Assistant enabled device.
Decision Point
Use Decision Point to decide where to eat, what to wear, where to go on vacation, etc. When you can't make up your mind, Decision Point will make it up for you.
Smart city of Aragon
Smart Huesca lets you: - Discover events and news in real-time. - Search and get info about places such as parks, restaurants, shops... - Get waiting times for a bus stop or call a taxi. - And more...
Find things to do in Wichita, Kansas. Events, restaurants, businesses and more.
Order your favorite meals from your local Applebee's
Gordon Now
Gordon Food Service
Gordon Now is a new way of interacting with Gordon Food Service. Whether it’s through voice conversation or text, on a phone or with a Google Home device, we’re always at your table. We’ll continue expanding the things Gordon Now can do based your feedback. For now, feel free to experiment with actions like “where’s my truck” or “what are the latest the trends”. This is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to be your partner in the future of food.
Eco menu
Nu Millenium Digit@l Technologies Ltd.
This app contains the dinner takeaway menu for the Eco Douglas restaurant. You can ask Eco Menu for a description of the items on the starter menu or the main course menu.
Bay Transport
Bay Transport is a proof of concept that is created using Converse.AI which enables the user to track their preferred route on the Bay Area Rail Transport system, and set their home stations and monitor and issues or difficulties on the route that would delay the trains.
Team Mate
Ask team mate about your school schedule. We support public schools within Cupertino School District. This application is built by a parent for parents who like to quicker access to school information. Ask for bell schedule, school lunch, school holidays and school events.
What's On Tap
Nick Stahlnecker
What's on tap can tell you what's on tap at local Pittsburgh breweries and bars. Let us know what breweries you'd like us to add!
What to Brew
What to Brew
What to Brew is a crowd sourced database of how well beer styles (Stout, Pale Ale, etc) and additions (chocolate, bacon, cherry) go with each other. We'll give you a random pairing, and ask you what you think. You might get inspired, and if not... at least you'll help the cause. Because it's totally science. Totally.
Dale likes the taste. Learn more about Dale and find your local Shari's.
Winston Wine
Secret Society of wine
World's First Artificial Intelligence Sommelier A Personal Sommelier at your fingertips and an educational resource for wine lovers.
Beer Hunter
BeerHunter let's you search for beer ratings on the major beer websites like RateBeer
Purdue Menus
Ben Ferris
This app helps you decide which Purdue university dining court to eat at. You can simply ask where to eat or which of your favorites are being served at a specific dining court (Earhart, Wiley, Windsor, Ford, Hillenbrand The Gathering Place). You may also specify the date and meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Late Lunch, Dinner). In order to use this app you must have an account at
food info
Allows you to search for calories around lots of different foods. This is an easy and interactive way to know better what you eat and stay healthy!
Beer Score
Ask Beer Score about any beer by name, and it will return the rating, brewery, style, ABV, and IBU. Beer Score also provides a list of top rated beers. Powered by Untappd.
Restaurant Explorer
Fresh Digital Group
It uses your device's location or the zip code you input to search restaurants for you.
CMU Dining
CMU Dining Assistant can provide you with information about the times, directions, and details of the several eateries location on the CMU campus.
Goat Hill Pizza
Midtown Doornail
Goat Hill Pizza allows you to order pizza with your google home device
restaurant search
Discovering restaurants and cafes is fun. We make it even more fun by providing suggestions to discover suitable choices in a natural way.
Cocktail recipes
Julio Fuente
Cocktails recipes is a cocktail recipes app, that tell you how to prepare more than 300 cocktails with simple and short instructions
Food My Beer
Team CSE AoG Contest
Food My Beer is a way to get the perfect food pairing for the beer you're drinking. Tell Food My Beer the name of the beer you have and it will tell you the perfect foods to pair it with. Food My Beer takes all the guesswork out of crafting the perfect pairing. Make sure the food you eat is worthy of the beer you drink.