Small Beer Trivia
Bryan Tharpe
A short trivia game about beer
Chefling Inc.
Developed by Chefling,Inc, a company who is determined to bring you the future kitchen experience. Chefling allows you to do inventory management, shopping list creating/sharing, and recipe searching.
Festival Recipes
Festival Recipes provides delicious recipes to cook . you can find interesting recipes for festivals.
Innit is your culinary GPS for everyday eating. With the use of the companion Innit mobile app, users can now control their cooking experience hands-free—from navigating personalized cooking instructions to controlling smart appliances from across the room.
Recipe Results from Taste of Home
Find recipe results from Taste of Home
The Recipe Mate
Teach the Recipe Mate your favourite recipes, and then cook hands free while the Recipe Mate takes you through the steps. As you cook with the Recipe Mate, you can discover recipes created by other people, and find meal suggestions based on your cooking history. To teach the Recipe Mate a new recipe, say "Talk to the Recipe Mate and create a new recipe". The Recipe Mate will then guide you through the process by setting a title, listing the ingredients then going through the method. Once the recipe is saved, just say "I want to cook" followed by the recipe you just saved and you're good to go. Stuck or have feedback? Please email
Recipe Results from Betty Crocker
Find recipe results from Betty Crocker
Recipe Results from Allrecipes
Find recipe results from Allrecipes
Recipe Results from Food Network
Find recipe results from Food Network
Recipe Results from The Spruce
Find recipe results from The Spruce
Recipe Results from MyRecipes
Find recipe results from MyRecipes
Recipe Results from The New York Times
Find recipe results from The New York Times
Recipe Results from Epicurious
Find recipe results from Epicurious
Recipe Results from The Kitchn
Find recipe results from The Kitchn
Recipe Results from Kraft Recipes
Find recipe results from Kraft Recipes
Group Nine Media
Thrillist's Grilling app teaches you how to grill specific cuts of meat and different veggies with advice from professional chefs. To see more tips, recipes and drinks pairings, go to
Recipe Results from Serious Eats
Find recipe results from Serious Eats
Recipe Results from Simply Recipes
Find recipe results from Simply Recipes
Swasthi's Recipes
swasthi's recipes for healthy Indian meals
philadelphia today
cook with philadelphia
This app allow consult a big list to cook delicius recipes with creamcheese philadelphia
Recipe Folder
Recipe Folder is an app that allows you save recipes from websites to your own recipe folder and retrieve them from your mobile device or your Google Assistant.
Patrón Tequila
Patrón Tequila
Find and make tequila cocktails crafted by bartenders from around the world. Just say “Ok Google, ask Patrón tequila" to find cocktail recommendations based on type, flavor, occasion or ingredients on hand. You can also learn about tequila and get cocktail-making tips from bartenders. NOTICE: Mature audiences only. This skill may not be suitable for all ages. Patrón provides instructions for making alcoholic drinks and is intended for adults over the age of 21, or depending on the local laws of your country.
Japanese Cuisine test
Learn about Japanese Cuisine!
restaurant search
Discovering restaurants and cafes is fun. We make it even more fun by providing suggestions to discover suitable choices in a natural way.
Cocktail recipes
Julio Fuente
Cocktails recipes is a cocktail recipes app, that tell you how to prepare more than 300 cocktails with simple and short instructions
Bawarchi Recipes
Sify Technologies Ltd
Sify Bawarchi is the special food recipe app with 25,500 Multi-cuisine recipes, Vegetarian and non-Vegetarian recipes including Punjabi recipes, Bengali recipes, South Indian recipes, Desi Chinese recipes, Western recipes.
Starfish Food
Rai Integration Ltd
Starfish Food fetches internet results for your recipe searches powered by Bing search api, we troll through comprehensive list of website to get the best result for your recipe search and dynamically generate content from website text. We also email the final recipe you decide to cook to your Starfish email account. Also the skill is optimized for display so you get good visual display of what you are cooking. Here is how to use Starfish Food: 1. Register for a account. If you use any of our other actions then you don't need to register again. All our actions requires account linking 2. Link you Google home with your account, linking gets triggered when you try and enable the action. 3. Login to and subscribe for actions. If you have an active subscription then you don't need to subscribe again. That's it you are setup for Starfish Food. We always save your last search so you can come back to your last search at anytime. To access your last search use following commands: Ok Google, talk to Starfish Food to show ingredients If you want to jump to preparation method: Ok Google, talk to Starfish Food to show preparation
Recipe Results from Cooking Classy
Find recipe results from Cooking Classy
Recipe Results from Chowhound
Find recipe results from Chowhound
Recipe Results from Spend with Pennies
Find recipe results from Spend with Pennies
Recipe Results from The Recipe Critic
Find recipe results from The Recipe Critic
Recipe Results from Minimalist Baker
Find recipe results from Minimalist Baker
Recipe Results from Food & Wine Magazine
Find recipe results from Food & Wine Magazine
Recipe Results from Just A Pinch
Find recipe results from Just A Pinch
Recipe Results from King Arthur Flour
Find recipe results from King Arthur Flour
Recipe Results from Culinary Hill
Find recipe results from Culinary Hill
Recipe Results from The Country Cook
Find recipe results from The Country Cook
Recipe Results from Very Best Baking
Find recipe results from Very Best Baking
Recipe Results from King's Hawaiian Bakery
Find recipe results from King's Hawaiian Bakery
Recipe Results from Inspired Taste
Find recipe results from Inspired Taste