Places Nearby
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant about local businesses, museums, parks, and more.s nearby.
Store Finder
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant about parking stores nearby
Walgreens Digital Development Team
Balance® Rewards - Check your account balance (just say, “How many Balance Rewards points do I have?”) - Learn more about the Balance Rewards program (try asking, “How do I earn points?”) Store Hours & Location - Find a Walgreens near you (just say, “Where’s the nearest Walgreens?”) - Check if your nearest store is open (try asking, “What time does Walgreens close?”) - Find a 24-hour location (try saying, “I need a 24-hour store.”) Specialty Services - look up clinic locations and immunizations (try asking, “Where’s the nearest Walgreens with a healthcare clinic?”) - Find locations with conveniences like drive-thru pharmacies, Redbox® rentals and Blue Rhino® propane exchanges (try saying, “I need a drive-thru pharmacy.”)
Office Depot
Brandify Labs
The Office Depot app helps you find the best deals at your local Office Depot, get directions, and check the status of your online orders.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut, LLC
A faster way to Pizza Hut pizza. With the Pizza Hut app, you can order a saved favorite or previous order, find a Pizza Hut location and check your Hut Rewards balance. All you need is a Pizza Hut account with a default address and payment method. You can easily create a Pizza Hut account during account linking if you don’t have one.
Find out about a book or get recommendations on the best books available right now
stores search
We always want to find shopping places that suits our needs for the specific context we are in. In situations where we are short of time, we look to shopping experts to guide us. This app's role is to serve this purpose of guiding you to find relevant shopping outlets of your choice in a natural and fun way. Converse naturally and enjoy discovering shopping places you would love to go.
Google Express
Google Inc.
Get your shopping done fast. Shop national, local, and online stores like Costco, Petsmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more - all in one place. Delivery is free for most orders over $25. Return anything you don’t need within 30 days.
HSC Numbers and Hours
Holmes Student Center
Answers the users questions about the hours and the numbers of the various local stores at the HSC
Michael Kors Access Chat
Whether you're shopping for a smartwatch, setting one up, or looking to accessorize your watch with new straps, Michael Kors Access Smartwatch Chat is here to help. From step-by-step setup guides to street style inspiration, feature overviews and more, you’ll be a Michael Kors Access expert in no time. To get started, simply say, “Ok Google, talk to the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch Chat,” to any Google Assistant-enabled device.
Friends Computers
Vrijraj Singh
Friends Computers is computers sales & services based shop.