Fun Tricks
Google Inc.
Lighten up your day with jokes and other fun tricks. Check them out, there's always something new to try.
Classic Stories
Google Inc.
Enjoy classic short stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. Get started with "Hey Google, tell me a story".
Short Bedtime Story
Have the Google Assistant tell a short bedtime story, personalized to your name. There are several stories at this time and more are coming. If you want to fix issues with names like if Bedtime thinks "Taylor" is a girl instead of a boy, or if Bedtime mispronounces the name like "Allie" comes out "Ellie", you can use the companion website First get a Linking Code by asking, "OK Google, Talk to Bedtime Story to Configure". Have a notepad handy to write down the info. Also at the Bedtime website, you will be able to disable any stories you don't want to hear and you will be able to author your own stories tailored to your family. Enjoy!
story that inspire
Shrawan Yenumula
Stories and Quotes That'll inspires us and Change the Way You Perceive Life. It can give a path to light for the darkest times please visit us every day for more interesting and motivating stories and quotes Please Give us your feedback and send some suggestion to our email to serve you better and don't forget to rate us
Techno Babble
Listen to the next episode in the ongoing saga of our intrepid crew saving the universe. This is a joke on sci-fi shows which rely on complicated technical plans and then explain them with simple analogies.
Silly Sentence Generator
Romin Irani
Silly Sentence Generator is a fun little action that combines a couple of words, adjectives and a verb that you provide to generate a silly sentence.
Book Fairy
Book fairy will pick a random story and play it for you.
Tough Choices
TRT World
Tough Choices is a fictional story of a father and child who must find care and safety during a bomb attack in Afghanistan. As you assume the role of the father, you must navigate your way to safety. You will be presented with tough choices along the way that could mean life or death for you and your family. Through Tough Choices, you will experience a glimpse into the horror and human costs of war. Are you going to be able to make the right choices to ensure your child's safety?
Mr. Rhymes
Mr. Rhymes helps play fun nursery rhymes for kids and helps entertain kids.
Baby Stories
Rajiv Coomar
Short baby stories which they like the most.
Short Fables
Have you ever wanted to read or tell a child some fable but she was too big to decorate ?? now you can tell fables for your child with short fables that tell short stories perfect for bedtime
Motivation Master
Hardik Joshi
This app is for listening motivation story. App contains limited stories which it will play randomly for you, all you have to say is 2 Magic words, "Motivate Me"! App contains Stories of few people, 1. Michael Jordan 2. Walt Disney 3. Oprah Winfrey 4. Steve Jobs 5. Eminem 6. Thomas Edison 7. Doctor Seuss 8. Abraham Lincoln 9. Jack Canfield 10. Steven Spielberg 11. Henry Ford 12. R H Macy 13. Soichiro Honda 14. Akio Morita 15. Colonel Sanders 16. Socrates 17. Winston Churchill 18. Charlie Chaplin 19. J. K. Rowling 20. The Beatles Stories are choose randomly and app does not have any of your personal information, Please consider it for motivation purpose only. We will definitely add more stories going forward.
Imagine Christmas
Logan Olson
Relax and experience a short interactive story that begins on the night before Christmas next to a warm glowing fire. Santa's coming soon and we could really use your help.