Google Maps
Google Inc.
Navigate to places and get real-time traffic updates.
Revolution Digital
Revolution Digital
Revolution Digital is a marketing and Social Media Agency located in New Jersey. Our assistant can help you find general information about our company.
Walgreens Digital Development Team
Balance® Rewards - Check your account balance (just say, “How many Balance Rewards points do I have?”) - Learn more about the Balance Rewards program (try asking, “How do I earn points?”) Store Hours & Location - Find a Walgreens near you (just say, “Where’s the nearest Walgreens?”) - Check if your nearest store is open (try asking, “What time does Walgreens close?”) - Find a 24-hour location (try saying, “I need a 24-hour store.”) Specialty Services - look up clinic locations and immunizations (try asking, “Where’s the nearest Walgreens with a healthcare clinic?”) - Find locations with conveniences like drive-thru pharmacies, Redbox® rentals and Blue Rhino® propane exchanges (try saying, “I need a drive-thru pharmacy.”)
Next Transit
Helps find next transit options from home to different locations.
Graphically Speaking
Mega Build Lab Ltd.
Graphically Speaking specializes in cost-effective web solutions for B2C and B2B companies. Our best-of-breed content management solutions (CMS) include, WordPress, Drupal and Microsoft SharePoint. We are proven ecommerce experts in Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce and Shopify online shopping systems.
The Energy Conference
Wether you are interested in attending or plan on attending, you can ask our virtual assistant the questions you need answered about the event and the topics covered.
Company Finder
Aarco Solutions Limited
This agent will search Companies House database and will return details like incorporation date, status, address for a company based in United Kingdom
Information Hub Directions
Holmes Student Center
Works with the google home at the info desk to give directions to people in the Holmes Student Center at NIU. This app is only intended for the purpose of giving out directions
CMU Dining
CMU Dining Assistant can provide you with information about the times, directions, and details of the several eateries location on the CMU campus.
Computas reception
Computas Reception can help with essential tasks such as: - Finding the nearest coffee machine - How to get to a certain meeting room - Where to find a taxi - What kind of apps Computas has made - When the next train to Oslo S is