Art of Living Q and A
This skill airs a randomly selected Q&A recipe featured in Art of Living Wisdom series. Brought to you by Tech4Peace, A fan of Art of Living. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, fondly known as Gurudev or Guruji, is a humanitarian leader, peace ambassador & Art of Living founder. Sri Sri’s vision is stress-free, violence-free society. Over the years, many people have asked Guruji several thousands of questions from topics related to meditation, yoga, peace, self-improvement, relationships, happiness etc. Guruji's answer for every question is spontaneous, humorous, thought provoking and above all - simply the best answer for the question. We wish that this Skill airs Guruji's answers for some of the questions you may be having and hope that you regularly use this skill, be inspired and stay in knowledge. -- Peace --
Easily find out the remaining length of President Trump's term in many units. Supports calculating the length in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc.
Eye Opener
Eye Opener is the app giving introduction to the idea that people born in different months of the Year have different personalities due to the natural variation in their growing up stages. The approximate data on birth can be utilized for getting the results.
Today in Music
Jesse Friedman
Expand your knowledge of musical history with the Today in Music app! Open the app to hear a Spotify sample of the track in the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 on the current month and day in a random year between 1956 and 2015. NOTE: The Today in Music app provides no filtering of tracks by subject matter or lyrical content - explicit tracks that placed in the #1 spot on the Hot 100 may be played by this app. "Spotify" is a registered trademark of Spotify AB. "Billboard" and the "Hot 100" name are registered trademarks of Billboard IP Holdings, LLC. Neither the Today in Music app nor its author have any affiliation with either of the above companies.
Tokyo Art
Hirokazu Takatama
Tokyo Art lets you find popular art events in Tokyo. Powered by Tokyo Art Beat (
Naatak is the largest Indian theater company in all of North America, dedicated to producing intelligent and entertaining plays. This app will help you find the latest information about Naatak, our upcoming productions, etc. You can also find upcoming audition dates through the app.
Wikipedia Friend
wikipedia friend let you get articles from wikipedia and get smarter.
Art Quiz
The Cato Bot Company Limited
How good are you with art? Listen to short descriptions of paintings and try to name them! You can always ask for a hint.
Color Info
Steffen Weidenhaus
Color Info lets you get info about a particular color. It's an indispensable tool for web developers and designers.
Test your Literary Knowledge
Wagner INC
See how much you know about literary devices and literature. Great for review or test prep.
Yogi Quiz
Cleo Whittingham
Namaste. Are you a true yogi? The Yogi quiz will test your knowledge whilst you learn more about the history and some of the meanings behind the words, terms and phrases used in yoga.
Inauspicious Time Finder
Roopak Venkatakrishnan
There are different times of the day that are considered inauspicious in hindu culture. These times are known as Rahukalams. This app finds the rahukalam according to where you are so that you know what times to avoid starting new ventures.
Chinese Lunar Year
Creative Voice Lab
Find the Chinese Zodiac symbol for any year. You will also find out the element for that year, when the start of the Chinese year is and some of the best things about being born in that year.
Thrilling Travel
Travel recommendation are based on your context and requirement. It can also give you information about cities and various types of destinations such as heritage, culture, beach etc..
Rafael de Lima Wine Spirits
Rafael de Lima
Rafael de Lima Wine and Spirits app is for both the enthusiast or the student that need to know about wine or spirits. Need to know about a wine grape? Your homie is stubborn about a whisky brand? Or you are having an exam and need some help? I will be here for you!
Actor Facts
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant for facts about actors, such as birthdate, age, movies, and height
Music Genre Facts
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant for facts about music genres, such as founding date and origins
Info about Film Producers
Google Inc.
Find info about producers, like age and movies
Info about TV writers
Google Inc.
Learn facts about TV writers, such as height, birthdate, and biography
Info about TV actors
Google Inc.
Learn facts about TV actors such as height, full name, and age
Info about Theaters
Google Inc.
Learn facts about theaters, such as upcoming events
Book Author Facts
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant for facts about authors, such as birthdate, quotes, books, and biography
Facts about Visual Artists
Google Inc.
Learn facts about visual artists, such as biography and quotes
Facts about Musicians
Google Inc.
Learn facts about musicians, such as biography, name, and albums
Facts about Buildings
Google Inc.
Learn facts about buildings, such as opening date and location
Info about Music Albums
Google Inc.
Get info about albums, like artist, release date and genre
Museum Facts
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant for facts about museums, such as founding date, events, and founder.
Theater Play Facts
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant for facts about plays, such as characters and publication date
Facts about Films
Google Inc.
Get info about films, such as box office results and trailers
Facts about Film Characters
Google Inc.
Learn facts about film characters, such as books and creator
Info about TV programs
Google Inc.
Find info about TV programs, like cast and episodes
Info about TV directors
Google Inc.
Learn facts about TV directors, such as height, movies, and birthdate
Info about TV stations
Google Inc.
Learn facts about TV stations such as channels, headquarters, and TV shows
Facts about Film Directors
Google Inc.
Find info about directors, like age and movies
Info about TV characters
Google Inc.
Learn facts about TV characters, such as significant other and creator
Facts about Artwork
Google Inc.
Learn facts about artwork, such as location, period, and artist
Info about Poems
Google Inc.
Learn facts about poems, such as author, publication date, and language
Info about Architecture Structures
Google Inc.
Find info about architecture structures, like location and hours
Architect Facts
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant for facts about architects, such as biography, books, and awards
Info about Opera
Google Inc.
Learn facts about opera, such as composer, language, and characters