App of the day
Mikhail Ushakov
App of the day is a great new way to explore more Google Assistant apps for your needs, just say "Talk to App of the day!" to learn more about it! The Apps are proudly provided by Assistant Webstore (
Stefan vd
This personal assistant help you with all most asked questions about the web browser. Get help about your Google Chrome web browser now! If you got an error such as network failed when downloading a Chrome extension. The "Browserman" can guide you on how to fix this problem on your Windows and Mac computer. Supported products for assistance: Google Chrome Google Chromecast Google Chromebook More information note: This will answer only the questions about the Google Chrome web browser. Other web browsers may have the same solution. This app is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Google Inc.
Classic Class
Nimesh Solanki
Classic Class is a quiz app of object-oriented concepts.
Stone Temple
Stone Temple
You can ask about SEO definitions or how to's for a variety of SEO terms.
Electronic Cards
Train your knowledge in electronics with Electronic Cards!
Tech Play
Mahesh Jindal
Tech Master is a fun game, which asks you questions related to the field of technology
UX Tips
Feeling stuck designing something? Need some UX inspiration? UX Tips is the definitive source to spruce up your design work.
Google Cloud
Google Inc.
With this you can learn more about Google Cloud products, services, events, and how people use Google's Cloud today.
Ottawa Energy Rate
Benjamin Baril
Ottawa Energy Rate allows you to learn the current energy rate in Ottawa, ON based on the current date and time.
Cisco CAM
Cisco CAM lets you ask question about cisco products.
Ephraim Kunz
Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt the compulsive desire to check Github? Now you can do it from your Google Assistant: - Hear about how many repos you have. - Hear unread notifications. - Check which issues are assigned to you. - Get the top trending Github repos.
Discovery Patterns
Discovery Patterns
Discovery Patterns uses artificial intelligence in concert with our ultra-granular industry classification system (18,900 industries and related companies) to discover interesting events, themes and surprises. The goal is to become a personalized market intelligence assistant that can develop a trusted and interesting persona of such an AI assistant. This app is not aimed at reciting found news lists. Rather it specifically limits delivered market intelligence information into small, fast and sometimes entertaining voice exchanges.
Techy Geek
This app tests your Tech Skills and helps to attend any Cyber exams.
CS Quiz
Anuj Gupta
This quiz contains basic Computer science questions. Showcase your computer science knowledge to your friends.
Engineers Corner Trivia
Engineers Corner
Engineers Corner app is a one stop destination for all your Engineering , Technology, Education queries
Stem Women
Kesha Williams
Women continue to face barriers in their participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields because STEM fields are predominantly male. STEM Women seeks to close the gender gap by highlighting women doing great things in STEM and sharing their stories with the world.
Graham Media Group
Get the latest news and weather updates from WSLS 10 News!
Network Systems
Questions about computer networks to help study for tests
Computer Systems Revision
Jack Elliott
Computer Systems Revision is a flashcard app to help you learn the Computer Systems unit in GCSE Computer Science. Your google assistant will ask you questions about the topic, and you must try and answer as many correct as possible. Although this app is tailored for the AQA specification, the content will be applicable for other exam boards. From storage and CPUs, Von Neumann and ALUs, it's all covered here!
The WordLift application allows you to discover facts about the Information Development World Conference organized by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler.
Droid World
Have you ever wanted to know more about Android? Well Droid world has the answeres! Learn more about it including the Android features and android version history
Chrome Developers
Michael Schilling
Chrome Developers is your personal assistant that will help you stay up to date with the latest Chrome Developers news.
Embraer Support
Henrique Schumann Costa
Interactive access to the Quick Reference Reset Guide of EMBRAER E190/195 and E170/175 via chat interface.
Digital Marketing Technology
Asentech LLC
Digital Marketing Technology lets you find the latest trends and technology enhancement into Digital Marketing Technology
Dependency Lookup
You can check with this action which dependency you need to include in order to use any given class of the PlayServices, the SupportLibrary or Firebase.
Dr. HTTP Status Code
Dr. HTTP Status Code is a quiz app which asks you to answer the HTTP status messages corresponding to each of the HTTP response codes.
Gadget Intrigued
Sparkling Studios
Gadget Intrigued will suggest you a phone according to your requirements. it works when you mention your desired RAM and purpose to use your phone. Try saying "Suggest me a phone with 4GB RAM" It has two unique features, for first, it will show you some interesting phones. When you say "Tell me phone of the day" In the second feature, it will show you facts about phones Try saying "Tell fun facts about phone"
Programming Recommendations
From recommending one to a programming language they may want to try, to providing basic information about a programming language, Programming Recommendations does it all! While doing so, it also incorporates humor to keep the audience engaged! In the future, this assistant will add links to tutorials for specific languages.
Johnny Bingham Chase Chat App
Blu Bnana
John Bingham Chase is a virtual chat persona who is a web developer and can talk to you about anything programming, staring a business, hobbies and likes etc
Big O Complexity Quiz
Def Manhattan Studios
The Big O Complexity Quiz is a tool designed to help you prepare for your next big coding interview, by testing you on your understanding of different data structure time complexities.
Alice Safety Bot
Alice Safety Bot is a personal Virtual Assistant designed to help you learn the techniques to be safe online in the most natural way, by chatting using your voice or text.
Reads out the value of sensors connected to your gBox1.
Pragati Digital
e-Pragati will emerge as the essential means to drive public sector transformation and realize connected government with demonstrable benefits.In future, Governments will be more connected than ever before by being FAST (Flat, Agile, Streamlined, and Tech-Savvy). With its ability to manage complexity, e-Pragati will emerge as the essential means to drive public sector transformation and realize connected government with demonstrable benefits.
Acronym Expert
Maxim Salbikov
Acronym Expert tells you about the full forms of acronyms and explains their meanings
Cloud Dogfood
Cloud Marketing
This is the Dogfood version of the Cloud assistant. You can ask questions about Cloud and learn about products, services, and how other people use it.
BioHiTech Alto
BioHiTech America
BioHiTech Alto lets you talk to your BioHiTech digesters
Wireless Technology Forum
Caroline Dunn
This app provides information about the Wireless Technology Forum non-profit organization including an overview, meeting schedule, recent topics, or membership benefits.
Display MythBusters
Display MythBuster helps you learn GDN best practices via a trivia game
Selenium Trainer
Selenium Trainer helps you in verifying your knowledge on selenium and Test NG. and helps you to prepare for your interview if you are an test automation developer. Selenium Trainer is an app intended for test automation developers and if you have no knowledge on Selenium or TestNG , you cannot use this app. This is an informational chatbot on Selenium and Test NG.