Nutrition Facts
Google Inc.
Get nutrition information for food and ingredients.
Beer Guru
Beer Guru let's you get beer descriptions and reviews from You can also give beer guru a list of beers and it'll tell you the highest ranked beer.
Johnnie Walker
From guided tastings to whisky 101, explore nearly two centuries of whisky knowledge with Johnnie Walker.
Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass
DynamicGreens Ltd.
Wheatgrass juice information and facts. This includes: - history - benefits - preparation and use - resources to buy wheatgrass juice.
Caffeine Wiz Inc.
Caffeine Wiz tells you the amount of caffeine (mg) in common drinks. We have almost 900 drinks in our database from Arizona Iced Tea to Green Tea to Starbucks Classics Caffe Mocha to Zombie Blood Energy Potion. We have it all!
Info about Food
Get info about food, like calories and nutrients
Beer Guide
Tell Beer Guide to search for a beer by name, and it will return the style, ABV, brewery, and a brief description. Powered by BreweryDB.
Super Cool Diet
Figure out which foods, ingredients, and additives are allowed on the Super Cool Diet (SCD). It can help with weight loss and improve general health. Use this Google Assistant app in the kitchen at home or at a restaurant to help with meal planning or food selection! Please consult your doctor before beginning any diet.
spoonacular LLC
The spoonacular action allows you to access your meal planner and shopping list with your voice! Furthermore, you can retrieve nutritional information, convert amounts, get ingredient replacement tips, and listen to food related trivia and jokes. For meal planning you will need a free account.
The GoodGuide agent can tell you the best products in a category, list their ingredients, and tell you how healthy a product may be.
Learn about Fodmaps
Some people get easily bloated, have winds, abdominal pain or altered bowel habits. Their doctor cannot find anything wrong, and give a functional gut disorders diagnosis such as IBS, and food sensitivity. Clinical research recommends the Low FODMAP Diet. FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates that aren’t easily broken down and absorbed by the gut. This means they start to ferment in the gut relatively quickly, and the gases released during this process cause the symptoms. With The Learn about fodmaps flash cards games, you'll learn some basic foods suitable or not suitable for this diet.
Info about Food Dishes
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Learn facts about food dishes, such as carbohydrates, fat, and calories.
Beverage Facts
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Ask your Assistant for facts about beverages, such as carbohydrates, nutrients, calories, and sugar
Group Nine Media
Thrillist's Grilling app teaches you how to grill specific cuts of meat and different veggies with advice from professional chefs. To see more tips, recipes and drinks pairings, go to
Info about Wine
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Learn facts about wine, such as carbohydrates, nutrients, calories, and sugar
Info about Beers
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Learn facts about different beers, such as alcohol by volume, carbohydate level, and calories
Food additives to avoid
Julio Fuente
Food additives to avoid tell you if a food ingredient, additive or coloring could be dangerous