Learn Spanish as if you were having a discussion with a real language teacher! Learn by listening to audio flashcards and responding to comprehension questions. You'll be guided step by step through key conversational topics like saying hello, introducing yourself and asking someone how they are.
Translate.com lets you ask how to say something in a different language. Supports translating from English to 77 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hindi, Arabic, and Chinese.
Mr Vocab
Vocab Assistant
Mr. Vocab is your personal vocabulary assistant which helps you build your English Vocabulary. It can teach you new words of various categories like common words, GRE, etc., show examples/synonyms/etc. if you ask for, take your vocabulary test, help you revise your weak words, let you bookmark difficult words, etc. So, if you are looking to improve your English Vocabulary or want to prepare for exams like GRE, TOEFL, etc., then it will come in handy!
Dr. English
Igor Rizhyi
Nothing yet to tell. Just a little app to help me with learning english
English Teacher
Open English Teacher has hundreds of fun trivia activities to help you practice and improve your English skills, focusing on grammar and vocabulary for all levels
Find a Rhyme
Jim Dowland
Give Find a Rhyme a word and you'll get a list of words that rhyme with that word. The list is filtered to only include words that are in common use. For example; say "Give me a rhyme for cat" and find a Rhyme will give you; 'at', 'bat', 'begat', 'brat', 'chat', 'fat', 'flat', 'gat', 'gnat', 'hat', 'kat', 'mat', 'matt', 'pat', 'rat', 'sat', 'scat', 'spat', 'splat', 'stat', 'tat', 'that', 'vat' If you're using a device without a screen, Find a Rhyme will remove homophones (words with different spellings that sound the same). Find a rhyme uses the open-source Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary to find rhyming words.
Practice Key Spanish Words
QECE Publishing
Practice Key Spanish Words using flashcards and your Google Assistant. Learning Spanish has never been more fun! Muy Bueno!
Hindi Words2Learn
Hindi Words2Learn helps you to interactively learn English meanings of Hindi words
Speaking Russian
Elvira Ivanova
Learn Russian verbs. Conjugation of the verbs. Choose the correct form of the verb.
German Teacher
Rocketlingo UG
German teacher can teach you vocabulary and grammar. Simply say “Talk to German Teacher” and she will help you to find a topic or grammar concept you want to practice and assist you with the learning process.
Mr. Smarty Pants
Mr Smartypants helps you get smarter everyday by teaching you new words and explaining them in a way that is easy to remember. Aren't you a Smartypants.
English irregulars
Marcel Kulicke
Irregular verbs flash cards lets you train the various forms of irregular verbs in the English language through flash cards.
Chinese tutor
To learn Chinese poems via this app. We will provide more and more Chinese poems for your kids.
Word Helper
Antony Inc
Know english! play this game and check your english knowledge
Simple Spanish Words Quiz
SpanishWords Inc.
Simple Spanish Words Quiz helps you practice your Spanish, Try it yourself:
Mr. Spell
With Mr.Spell, you can spell words and whole sentence. stay tuned for other upcoming tips like dictation practice.
English Trainer
Valentyn Shybanov
With English Trainer you can train how to correctly say words and whole sentences. More you say, more complex tasks appears.
EasyApps Co
Wordwizard let's you learn new words and practice what you have learned already. Learn with our trained assistant and increase your vocabulary! Learn a new English word by asking "tell me a new word". Test your learned words. Know about your progress by asking "how am I doing?" or "how's my progress?"
Spanish Teacher
Rocketlingo UG
Spanish teacher can teach you vocabulary and grammar. Simply say “Talk to Spanish Teacher” and she will help you to find a topic or grammar concept you want to practice and assist you with the learning process.
Tejasvi Nareddy
QuizLingo is a foreign language testing app. You can choose to be quizzed on the english definitions of foreign vocabulary words!
Señora Spanish
Jonathan Sirrine
Señora Spanish helps you practice Spanish by quizzing you in different categories.
Master of Rhymes
Master of Rhymes helps you find words that rhyme or have similar meaning.
Vocabulary Improviser
Vocabulary improviser is a vocabulary app where you will find lots of new words which are useful in our day to day life. All the words are categorised in different categories for faster and better learning. You can listen the pronunciation of all the words and their meaning.
Sharon's Past Tense Verbs
This is a simple quiz. Hear the an English verb. Say the past tense form.
Human Language Facts
Google Inc.
Ask your Assistant for facts about human languages, such as language family and writing systems
Word Building
Nyros Technologies
Word Building is developed to increase usage and building of English words
Comparative Nouns and Verbs
Arturo Garcia
You can practice your knowledge of comparative nouns and verbs, as well as superlatives and equatives.
Quick rhymes
Common Philosophy
Quick rhymes let you check rhymes quickly.