Google Calendar
Google Inc.
Manage your time with Google Calendar. Ask the Assistant about your next meeting, see tomorrow's agenda, and quickly create new events.
Daily holidays, most of which you won't find on a calendar!
Katella AI
Katella allows you to transact with your favorite Enterprise apps. You can get your co-worker's contact info from BambooHR, navigate Namely's org chart, get the latest pull requests from Github, find your Jira Sprint status, ask questions from your Knowledge Base, and much more. Katella requires you to have an existing account at and have admin access to authorize your Apps.
Findmyshift helps you look up when you're next scheduled to work. To use this skill you'll need to have an account on Findmyshift. You'll also need the login and password available so you can link the accounts.
CentralStation CRM
42he GmbH
You've got your very special way of handling contact and client relations? Maybe all the details are spread across you mail software, Excel sheets and folders? Or you're already working with a CRM software, however you or your colleagues don't really use it because it's too complicated? We've got your back. CentralStation CRM is probably the easiest solution for handling all your client and contact relationships (some call it CRM) all in one place. It's build for small teams and businesses, not for large corporates. Besides ease of use, we focus on kollaboration and the day-to-day tasks within your customer and client relationships. When did we last speak? What was I about to do? Where is that email or special file? Who was my colleague about to call before he got sick? That said, CentralStation CRM is an operational CRM software that helps you better talk to your customers. Our focus is not so much on analytics, fancy charts that contain meaningless data most of the time. Give it a try, we'd love to have you onboard and see you smile. And we're sure your customers will love it too.
Follow-Up is an AI-powered Sales Assistant that can log your calls, dictate notes, and create reminders in Salesforce. Follow-Up helps Sales Reps get their job done faster and helps Sales Leaders make more accurate forecasts. NOTE: You must install the Follow-Up AppExchange app onto your Salesforce Org first at before installing the Google Action app
The French Republican Calendar
Liberty Equality Fraternity to you Citizen! I am happy to teach you about the French Republican Calendar or tell you the calendar entry for any date. Ask me "what was the French Republican Calendar" or ask for a specific date like "the 9th of November 1799" or "October 16th 1987"
vtu syllabus
Sun N Sands Developers
The Vtu Syllabot is a premier app that helps you Find out the Scheme , Syllabus of your course Under the Visvesvaraya technological university. indeed its made for the new Passionate engineers that enter in to their Course under Visvesvaraya Technological University as well as for those who are in the ending years of their college.It gives every details about the scheme & Syllabus along with A brief history of the VTU, current Notifications , Academic Calendar , Honorable Vice Chancellor's Message and Many more Utilities.
Check substitution
Denis V.
You can ask it if your class does have any changes in schedule for today in tomorrow.