Katella AI
Katella allows you to transact with your favorite Enterprise apps. You can get your co-worker's contact info from BambooHR, navigate Namely's org chart, get the latest pull requests from Github, find your Jira Sprint status, ask questions from your Knowledge Base, and much more. Katella requires you to have an existing account at katella.ai and have admin access to authorize your Apps.
Mail Triage
Hypermoose Software
Mail Triage allows you to quickly catch up on your O365 or Outlook.com unread Focused email and take quick actions such as flag, delete or mark as read. You can quickly check your unread count, or even read the full message. Mail Triage is designed to keep you in sync with your inbox while you're busy doing other things. Future versions will support replying and other features based on your feedback. You can start the skill and receive guided instructions or just jump right in by asking Mail Triage to read emails.
Mitchell Robot
Mitchell Robot will allow you to create guest accounts.
Sangam Salesforce
Sangam Salesforce Voice Assistant used to create an Account(Lead) in the Salesforce and also gets their Salesforce ID with which they have created the Lead.
Follow-Up is an AI-powered Sales Assistant that can log your calls, dictate notes, and create reminders in Salesforce. Follow-Up helps Sales Reps get their job done faster and helps Sales Leaders make more accurate forecasts. NOTE: You must install the Follow-Up AppExchange app onto your Salesforce Org first at http://sforce.co/2zuVO1A before installing the Google Action app