My Crypto Wallet
Matt Calhoun
My Crytpo Wallet enables you to easily check the balances of Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses, as well as current exchange rates of both cryptocurrencies. Any number of public addresses can be tracked, including offline and hardware wallet 'watch' addresses. In addition to letting you know balances in Bitcoin or Eth, you are also given the USD (or other selected currency) equivalent, based on current exchange rates. You have the option of adding a 4 digit PIN that must be spoken before your balances are given. If you decide to track balances of public Bitcoin / Ethereum addresses, you'll want to have your public addresses handy at setup time, so you can paste them in easily. The balance information for public addresses is acquired from public blockchains.
My Gold Wallet
Matt Calhoun
With My Gold Wallet you can easily get the current prices for gold, silver, or platinum. You can also track your precious metals holdings, and get the current USD value of your holdings. Holdings are separated into 'wallets', which you can divide up however makes sense for you. For example, one wallet can have the total ounces worth of Eagles, while another can have the total ounces of Maples. Or, you could have one wallet containing the total ounces of your gold holdings, and another containing the total ounces of your silver holdings. You may optionally add a PIN while linking your account for additional privacy, and this PIN would be required any time you ask My Gold Wallet for balance information.
List Master
List Master action reads the pending task list from users task list. This action reads tasks in reverse chronological order.
Out Of Milk
Bonial International GmbH
With Out of Milk, manage your shopping list with just your voice. Easily add or remove various products and sync your lists with family and friends. Out of Milk lets you keep track of all of your lists, and automatically syncs to your phone. Keep your pantry and your fridge fresh!
Brick Buddy
Extentia Information Technology
Attention all LEGO® lovers! Gone are the days of clamoring around the internet for information about your vintage Millennium Falcon®, of frantically scouring your house for that Architects® set. Rejoice, for the Brick Buddy Google Home Assistant is here!<br> Our innovative assistant is the ultimate reference tool for LEGO® enthusiasts around the world. Our assistant is integrated with the immensely popular database, allowing us to use their vast library of LEGO® information to enhance your experience.<br> With our assistant, you can add and remove sets from your inventory, as well as your wish list.<br> We also provide information on every single LEGO® set and theme since 1980, allowing users of our assistant to effortlessly access premium information. Brick Buddy allows you to elevate your LEGO® experience, and makes those nifty bricks a lot more fun! <br><br> If you want to ask Brick Buddy for something, be sure to preface your question with the phrase, "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy" – this will let Brick Buddy know that you want to talk to it! <br> Here’s the information that Brick Buddy can provide:<br> Add a set to your 'own' collection<br> Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy to add [set number] in own collection"<br> Remove a set from your 'own' collection<br> Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy to remove [set number] from my owned sets"<br> Add a set to your wish list <br> Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy to add [set number] to my wish list"<br> Remove a set from your wish list<br> Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy to remove [set number] from my wish list"<br> Get an instruction manual for the set<br> Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy to send me instruction manual for the set [set number]"<br> Information on LEGO® sets – Gives you a list of all available sets for any given year. In case a set is not available for a particular year, Google Home will convey that as well. – <br> Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy what sets are available in [year]"<br> More information on LEGO® sets – Gives you set name, theme name, and year the set was released. All you need to do is provide the right set number. <br> Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy to give me details for the set [set number]"<br> Information on LEGO® themes – Gives you a list of all the available themes. Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy what themes are available"<br> Information on LEGO® sets – Gives you a list of all available sets in a particular theme. Sample utterance: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy what sets are available in [theme name]"<br> To find out other features of the skill say: "Ok Google, ask Brick Buddy for help"<br> Do not feel restricted by this list at all, there are thousands of ways to ask Brick Buddy for something! <br><br> Once you launch the assistant, you will be prompted to enter your email and password for As this assistant is made in conjunction with, it is advisable to have a brickset account to get the best possible experience.<br> Do not fret if you don’t have an account, you just cannot use the inventory and wish list features of the app. Happy Building!<br><br> LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site or application.<br> was launched in 1997 and since then has become is the premier LEGO® database on internet.<br> Originally set up to record the myriad of promotional sets that were appearing at that time, it has expanded over the years to become the definitive reference on LEGO® sets released after 1980.
Nozbe is a multi platform to-do app.
Mitchell Robot
Mitchell Robot will allow you to create guest accounts.
Ephraim Kunz
Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt the compulsive desire to check Github? Now you can do it from your Google Assistant: - Hear about how many repos you have. - Hear unread notifications. - Check which issues are assigned to you. - Get the top trending Github repos.
Zoya Office
OnGraph Technologies Limited
Zoya Office is your one stop business solution. Using Zoya Office you can connect to Zyk, SalesForce, Asana, QuickBooks, Shopify and can query on the go. Huge stack of applications like CRM, Tasks, Payments, Shop, Invoice, Accounting, LiveChat, Helpdesk(Ticketing solution) Connect to your Zyk Tasks/CRM by simply saying : - My tasks/leads - My overdue tasks/leads - Tasks/Leads assigned to <TeamMate Name> - Tasks/Leads in project <Project Name> - Tasks/Leads with status NEW/CLOSED/ACTIVE - Add comment on Task/Lead Check all the applications at *Coming Soon* Integrations to SalesForce, Asana, Shopify, QuickBooks
Doublecheck lets you create and manage your organization's checklists, and helps you perform expert tasks more accurately
Synthetic Biology
Adam Jones
Synthetic Biology is the perfect lab assistant for iGEMers and other synthetic biologists. Got hundreds of tubes marked only with cryptic iGEM part numbers? Synthetic Biology can tell you what parts those are, without you having to take off your gloves and risk contaminating your samples. Want step-by-step protocol instructions? Synthetic Biology can now do this, sourcing data from Protocat, a large open source library of synthetic biology protocols which you can add to if a protocol is missing. We'd love to hear your feedback about how you use Synthetic Biology and how we can tailor this app to be more useful for your needs. Contact us at the email below.
vtu syllabus
Sun N Sands Developers
The Vtu Syllabot is a premier app that helps you Find out the Scheme , Syllabus of your course Under the Visvesvaraya technological university. indeed its made for the new Passionate engineers that enter in to their Course under Visvesvaraya Technological University as well as for those who are in the ending years of their college.It gives every details about the scheme & Syllabus along with A brief history of the VTU, current Notifications , Academic Calendar , Honorable Vice Chancellor's Message and Many more Utilities.