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passchain is a free multi-platform blockchain based password manager that allows you to generate and store your passwords with encryption. You can say things like "Generate a password" and add modifications to the type of password that gets created by saying "only uppercase" right after. Here's the currently supported modifications: "Generate a password" or "gen a pass" or "make a pass" - "with only uppercase", "with just uppercase" - "with only lowercase", "with just lowercase" - "with only numbers", "with just numbers" - "with only symbols", "with just symbols" - "without uppercase", "with no uppercase" - "without lowercase", "with no lowercase" - "without symbols", "with no symbols" - "without numbers", "with no numbers" "Generate a dice password" or "gen a dice" or "make a dice" - "with only uppercase", "with just uppercase" - "with only lowercase", "with just lowercase" - "with only numbers", "with just numbers" - "with only symbols", "with just symbols" You can also choose how long you want your passwords by saying a variation of "Generate a 20 character long password" or "gen a 12 worded pass with no letters".
New York Bus
If you are a New York City bus commuter, this app is for you.With this app, you will know how far is next bus to a nearby stop(when the next bus will arrive). Then you can plan/decide when will it be good to go out & catch the bus on time, while having coffee at your home.No more long waits at the stop. It can also be used from google assistant on the phone, while you are on the go. If you know the MTA bus number/route (like Q10, M1 or B44) and the destination of the bus(like JFK, Harlem) where you will be heading, you can ‘ask New York Bus the next M1 to harlem’. Since the bus route M1 is going either to Harlem 147 St or to East Village 8 St, the app will tell you about the next three buses approaching your location heading to Harlem 147 St. You can also ask it for local or limited buses only by saying like ‘the next Q10 to JFK limited’. If you don't know the available routes near you, the app can give you the list of bus routes/lines near your location, if you ‘ask New York Bus about the available routes’ . This app will store your home location permanently and phone location temporarily(10 minutes), to avoid asking for device location again & again. When you move to new home, don't forget to ‘ask New York Bus to update location’.If you want to remove your location from app’s memory you can also say ‘delete my location’.
Ephraim Kunz
Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt the compulsive desire to check Github? Now you can do it from your Google Assistant: - Hear about how many repos you have. - Hear unread notifications. - Check which issues are assigned to you. - Get the top trending Github repos.
Belgian Social Security Office
Belgian Social Security Office lets you submit a Dimona declaration.
Delay Repay
Delay Repay Me Limited
Monitor Train Delays and Cancellations. Claim Back your Refund Typically get a 50% Refund for Delays of between 30 to 59 minutes; 100% Refund for Delays over 60 minutes
Munchkin Kit
Munchkin Kit will manage levels and bonus for your game of of Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin. Munchkin is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. This game aid is the original creation of Nerderium and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy The material presented here is an original creation of Nerderium, intended for use with Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.
IFTTT empowers people to do more with the services they love. With a free IFTTT account you can turn on Applets that connect some of your favorite Google products and apps with hundreds of other services and devices. You can even make your own Applet to create a totally unique experience. From asking Google Home to turn your lights on, to transforming Gmail into a personal assistant that can keep you organized, there's thousands of Applets to browse, turn on, and customize.