Google Inc.
Create reminders for tasks and get a notification at the time or place you want.
Dates Catalog
Phani Vuyyuru
I don't know what veggies I have in my fridge! Are these oranges fresh? When does salmon expire? We know it can be really painful remembering everything you buy. To make sure you are not buying unnecessarily, to make sure you are not eating expired food ; to make sure you are not forgetting whats in your fridge install me!
Dishwasher State
Replaces the dishwasher magnet! Dishwasher State allows you to track whether your dishwasher is clean.
Nozbe is a multi platform to-do app.
List Master
List Master action reads the pending task list from users task list. This action reads tasks in reverse chronological order.
Zoya Office
OnGraph Technologies Limited
Zoya Office is your one stop business solution. Using Zoya Office you can connect to Zyk, SalesForce, Asana, QuickBooks, Shopify and can query on the go. Huge stack of applications like CRM, Tasks, Payments, Shop, Invoice, Accounting, LiveChat, Helpdesk(Ticketing solution) Connect to your Zyk Tasks/CRM by simply saying : - My tasks/leads - My overdue tasks/leads - Tasks/Leads assigned to <TeamMate Name> - Tasks/Leads in project <Project Name> - Tasks/Leads with status NEW/CLOSED/ACTIVE - Add comment on Task/Lead Check all the applications at *Coming Soon* Integrations to SalesForce, Asana, Shopify, QuickBooks
Stop Sitting
New Magi
Tell Google Home you are sitting, and let Stop Sitting take care of your workout breaks. This is the easiest reminder for you to set up a workout reminder. Talk to Stop Sitting to start, and you are all set. Stop Sitting will remember you and send notifications to you when it's time to leave your desk for a short workout. How to use this app: 1. Link with your Google account here. 1. Download out companion mobile app and sign in with your Google account. 3. Talk to Stop Sitting via Google Home that you want to start or stop the reminder. Simple right? Give it a try now! Thanks for your support.
SmartTask assistant will help you add, update tasks and also fetch tasks for the day. An assistant that is always there for you anytime, anyplace! Instructions: - To add a task simply say 'add a task' followed by taskname. - Get all the tasks for the day by saying 'get tasklist'