Shopping List
Google Inc.
Add or remove items from your list just by asking, then shop when you're ready.
Sarah Shopper
Sarah Shopper helps you track price from popular ecommerce websites. At the moment, she can watch items listed on, IKEA, Lazada, and some other websites in South East Asia region. Just pass her the link to any item in those websites.
Chefling Inc.
Developed by Chefling,Inc, a company who is determined to bring you the future kitchen experience. Chefling allows you to do inventory management, shopping list creating/sharing, and recipe searching.
Dates Catalog
Phani Vuyyuru
I don't know what veggies I have in my fridge! Are these oranges fresh? When does salmon expire? We know it can be really painful remembering everything you buy. To make sure you are not buying unnecessarily, to make sure you are not eating expired food ; to make sure you are not forgetting whats in your fridge install me!
spoonacular LLC
The spoonacular action allows you to access your meal planner and shopping list with your voice! Furthermore, you can retrieve nutritional information, convert amounts, get ingredient replacement tips, and listen to food related trivia and jokes. For meal planning you will need a free account.
Quickly add items to your basket and check prices of various products. You will also be shown offers for anything you add to your basket.
My Happy Friends
My Happy Friends is a utility app that assists in managing your shopping list. Makin (we think that she can be one of your happy friends) is a conversational agent that helps you keep track of your shopping list. You can manage your shopping list and we will try our best to categorize them and have the list up on a Google Sheet in your Google Drive. One less thing to worry, and that will make everyone happy!