Racing Results
Racing Results returns the latest horse racing results from the UK, Ireland, France, the USA and more. Results are updated as they come in from the course. Racing Results always has the latest results.
Football World
Ajay Venugopal
Are you a Football fan? Let's Begin!
NBA Trivia
Want to put your NBA knowledge to the test? Play NBA Trivia! NBA Trivia, a game for Google Voice & Assistant, gives fans the chance to show their skills by answering multiple-choice questions about great players, teams and moments throughout NBA history. Users can come back each day for new questions and the opportunity to beat their high score.
Keep up to date on the latest scores from every PGA TOUR event throughout the season. Ask Google for the latest leaderboard or get the score of your favorite player.
Nike Coach
Nike Running
Find the right gear, learn more about running and get the guidance you want to be a better runner.
Surf Helper
This assistant will check the forecast for your favorite surf spot from It will check wave heights, conditions, and wind. The forecast will go up to one week into the future.
Olympic Channel
Sapien AI Inc
For the sports fan who can’t get enough of the Olympics, the Olympic Channel Assistant is here to keep you up to date with the latest news about your favorite sports and athletes.
Sports Trivia Extravaganza
play a quick sports trivia game
My Running Leaderboard
This is a runners app. For checking a public Runners Leaderboard published by MyRunHub. Runners from all the system suscribe to be part of the leaderboard.
RangePro helps you connect with your local Archery and Gun stores. Check on range status, listen to announcements or events, and add yourself to the waiting list.
Apoel Nicosia Football Chants
Apoel Nicosia Football Chants lets you listen to your favourite chants, taken from various Champion's League, Europa League and Cyprus League games.
Swim Time Converter
Swim Time Converter helps you convert times between different pool sizes, like short course yards to long course meter, or short course meters to short course yards.