Trump Caster
Perfect Indigo
Tired of listening to the Fake News Network giving you the weather? I can change that. Enable TrumpCaster to hear ME, The Donald, MAKE WEATHER GREAT AGAIN! You can get accurate weather reports from around the world, in MY very own voice. Ok Google, YOU’RE FIRED! Listen to Trump boasting about his wealth, making fun of Hilary and Rosie O'Donnell and much more… Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to get any more Trump in your life. Powered by Eric Harthen and DarkSky
Ambient Weather
Ambient Weather
The Ambient Weather skill provides Ambient Weather personal weather station owners with the ability to get real-time, and past weather information generated by the devices they have set up at To get started: say "OK Google, talk to Ambient Weather" to invoke the Ambient Weather app. Or, say "Ask Ambient Weather to give me a report" in order to get a detailed recap of the current temperature. Once the Ambient Weather app is initiated, you can use commands like "Give me a weather report." or "What are the current conditions". Both of these commands (along with a many others) will provide you with your outdoor weather report. You can also ask for your indoor weather report as well by invoking the Ambient Weather app in the same way, then saying, "what are the indoor conditions?", or "What's it like inside?" You can also ask for a report about a specific day, month or year! Just say "Give me a report for June 14th", "What was the weather yesterday?", or "What was the weather in May?" Just remember, before giving your Google Home device any commands, initialize the app by saying "OK Google, talk to Ambient Weather".
AccuWeather for Google Assistant is a personal AI-powered weather assistant. It helps you quickly find the current conditions and forecasts for your exact location, and millions of other locations worldwide. It provides exclusive and proprietary weather forecasts such as RealFeel® Temperature, and AccuWeather’s MinuteCast®, a minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for the next two hours. Receive a natural response when asking questions like ‘is an umbrella, sunglasses, or a jacket needed today?’, and it will make appropriate recommendations based on your forecast. AccuWeather for Google Assistant is available to help you make more informed decisions throughout your day, all with Superior Accuracy™ from AccuWeather.
Spare the Air
The Spare the Air app can tell you today's Spare the Air status, and (if available) tomorrow's Spare the Air status as well.
Weather Info
Shubham Nikam
Tell me which city's weather would you like to know about? and I will provide you accurate weather info. I can provide you a national and local weather forecast for cities.
personal forecast
personal forecast is always there to help you with weather in any city.
Bay Area Air Quality
Bay Area Air quality gives you the air quality index for the 5 zones: 1. Northern. 2. Coast. 3. Eastern. 4. South Central 5. Santa Clara Valley of the Bay Area in California.