Lucky Trivia
Google Inc.
Your Google Assistant hosts a fast-paced trivia game show for up to five people.
Lucky Trivia for Families
Google Inc.
Test your smarts with this satisfying trivia game. Perfect for everyone from 5-year-olds to 105-year-olds, this Q&A challenge bursts with fun facts, neat sound effects, and the very best host in town—your Google Assistant.
Harry Potter Quiz
Quidditch Kings
Have you spent the last two decades watching Harry potter movies, reading the books, re-reading and re-watching them? Test your harry potter knowledge by taking this quiz. Neither magic nor Google are allowed! Please email to if you would like to give feedback. Update: New questions added! Coming soon: More questions and difficulty levels. Stay tuned.
What's my Quidditch position
Quinmark Studios
Find out what position you should play in Quidditch! While based on the Harry Potter series, this app is just for fun and is in no way associated with Warner Bros or JK Rowling
Football World
Ajay Venugopal
Are you a Football fan? Let's Begin!
Classic Class
Nimesh Solanki
Classic Class is a quiz app of object-oriented concepts.
Mind Freak
Jay Mistry
This apps is used for freaking your mind to test out how knowledgeable you are here. Its a simple and out of box thinking or you can say it been used by us in daily basis and you never know about it. So try out some mind freak question which are around you and you never came to know about it.
Snapple Fact
Ask Google for Snapple Facts to learn new and interesting facts. When you ask Google to read you a Snapple Fact you'll hear something like: "Snapple Real Fact #378: It costs the U.S. government 2.5 cents to produce a quarter."
Hip-Hop Trivia
Uptempo Enterprises
Hip Hop Trivia will quiz you on how knowledgable you are about hip hop music and the artists behind the music. Each game includes 5 questions. Answer them all and prove to your friends that you are the biggest hip hop head.
Guess the Founder
Fun game to test your knowledge of founders, start-ups and more. New questions added all the time.
Knowledge Everywhere
Raghav Joshi
Knowledge Everywhere, powered by English King will boost up your general knowledge by asking 10 questions of general and social knowledge per round. Play this Trivia game and have fun 🌟 PS. Happy New Year🎆
Rick and Morty Trivia
Getting excited for the next season of Rick and Morty? Test your knowledge of the TV show and characters with this app. Just say "Ok Google, Talk to Rick and Morty" to start the game.
Dr. Trivia
Trivia Questions soon to be Star Trek trivia questions
Kannada Quiz
ಸುಮುಖ ಕಪರ್ತಿ
Kannada quiz app lets you develop your knowledge by asking interactive questions on Karnataka's tradition, history, culture, language and more. This app also helps individuals to build knowledge to face competitive examinations conducted by Karnataka government. Efforts are made to bring the quiz in Kannada language and hope it will be implemented soon. (This is a beta version of app, meaning there are limited number of quiz questions available) Webpage:
Harry Potter Spell Quiz
Anode Labs
Harry Potter Spell Quiz is an ultimate resource for testing your knowledge on Harry Potter spells. Note: This app is not suitable for muggles.
Bahubali Quiz
anode labs
This app has given you a chance to prove yourself as the biggest fan of the Bollywood movie-Bahubali .Play the quiz to play the ultimate Bahubali Quiz
Quick Interview
Quick Interview is a mock interview where you can test your general knowledge by answering the questions asked by Quick Interview.Students who are going to attend an interview or going to write the competitive exams can attend this session.
Capital Quiz
Digital Conversation Arts
Play and test your knowledge in the capitals of United States. e.g. "What is the capital of California?" 3 choices will be given after the question such as Sacramento, Dover, or
Nineties Trivia Game
Saeheng Co.
The nineties trivia game ask some fun question about the 90s, see if you can answer them. Topics include boy bands, television, movies, tech, sports and more.
Mental Age Test
Maverick Ways
Sometimes, how you think may not really be the same as people of your age group do. Your real age and your mental age may not be the same, in fact, there can be a huge difference between the two! Are you a wise soul or a young spirit? Find out now with the mental age test. How it works? - You'll be asked 5 questions. - Answer them honestly, as there's no one watching. - Once you finish the test, you'll be presented with the age group you belong to, and we'll tell you some qualities of 'you' and your 'age group'. - Share this with your friends to know their mental age, and see if they belong to the same group as you. However, it is recommended not to think too hard before answering the questions, because sometimes the first thing that comes to your mind is what defines your actual personality. Meet us on the web :
Football Trivia
Are you a Football fan? Test your harry potter knowledge by taking this quiz. Let's Begin!
Small Beer Trivia
Bryan Tharpe
A short trivia game about beer
Driver License Practice Test
KhoaThy Pham
DMV Practice Test is the app with real questions from DMV written tests.
Chemistry Tutor
Chemistry Tutor helps you prepare for Higher Chemistry. This app will quiz you in 4 multiple choice questions from the higher chemistry course.
Winter Games Trivia
Test your knowledge about facts of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and the winter sports.
Dipti Ranjan
this app aims in development of general knowledge of an individual with the fun and also make aware of the surroundings
Guess My Animal
Azalea Labs
Guess-My-Animal will guess an animal of your choice by asking you questions. Make sure you’re familiar with the basics! What color is it? Can it fly? Does it live only in hot climates? The app knows over three hundred animals and can also tell you some interesting facts about them. Did you know that rats laugh when they are tickled? And that no polar bear has ever met a penguin? Good luck!
State Capitals
Quiz Riot
US State capitals from is a handy little app that teaches the US State Capitals. Each round consists of 6 questions and comes with a fun fact about each capitals.
Australian Trivia
Faisal Kamal
Test and improve your knowledge of Australiana and have fun with our Australian trivia app. Covers general knowledge, history, and things you'll find on the Australian Citizenship Exam. Unlike conventional online tests, this provides an easy and fun way to test your knowledge before attempting Australian citizenship test, with questions based on the official guide. This app is not a replacement of the official guide "Our Common Bond".
General Trivia
General Trivia is a fun game to play with friends
Snake Trivia
How well do you know about snakes? Well, play the Snake Trivia game to find out! It will not only let you test your knowledge about snakes but also help in busting some of the most common myths that you might have about these terribly misunderstood creatures. New facts are being added regularly so don't worry if you ace this game and are hungry for more!
cricket play
A application for knowing about the cricket records and history in a fun way.
India Quiz
The India Quiz app increases your knowledge about the country of India.
Harry Potter Ultimate Trivia
When you're with friends or family and want some fun, PLAY THIS QUIZ! This will test how much you know about the Harry Potter world.
Country Capitals
It is the App where one can learn about the Capital Cities of the different Countries in World.
Doctor Who Quiz
Take a Doctor Who Quiz
TV quiz
Currently, the only supported shows are Game of Thrones and Friends. Although, more TV shows are being added.
Gilmore Girls Trivia
NX Real Software
Gilmore Girls Trivia will test the limits of your detailed knowledge of the famous hit show with Rory, Richard, and all the best characters.
Crazy Circus
Lholo MacGinnis
Have fun with your kids. Funny questions about circus and magic !
Coffee Trivia Game
This app will give you the option to play a coffee trivia game. Test your coffee knowledge and have fun.