Google Inc.
Set and manage alarms for waking up, medicine, and much more with just your voice. You can also set timers for cooking, games, laundry, and any other activity.
Music Tools
Music Tools is a set of small, simple tools for musicians. Right now you can do the following things: - Set a metronome in any desired tempo (between 40 and 220 bpm; max play time 2 minutes) - Count in any tempo and measure type. - Help you tune by playing any desired note. - Tune a violin or guitar This tool is intended to stay simple and has a couple limits for now: Notes are only able to be played within a single octave. And the metronome will automatically stop after 2 minutes as the assistant does not support longer audio at the moment. Please use the contact email to give me feedback or suggest new features. I can't promise to implement them but I'm happy to hear what you think and I'm constantly working on improving Music Tools.
The Scotts Company
Water your yard with your voice and your Blossom Smart Watering Controller! Specify the zone (by number) and the time duration to run your sprinklers. If not specified, then all zones will run a watering cycle for the default duration of three minutes each. It’s just as simple to turn off your sprinklers too, if they come on suddenly during your backyard bar-b-que!
Time Tracker by eBillity helps you track and bill for your time. Happy customers from around the world have relied on Time Tracker to log 500+ million hours and generate more than $1 billion in invoices. With the Google Action, you can run multiple timers and even create time entries! To use this Action, you must be connected to a Time Tracker account. Here is a list of commands that you can ask to interact with timers: "Start a new timer" "Pause all my timers" "Stop all my timers" "Resume all my timers" "Delete all my timers" "Get the status of my timers" The Time Tracker skill can also help you create time entries. For example, you can say: "Create a new time entry for 8 hours and 30 minutes" You can also interact with specific customers that exist in your Time Tracker account. For example, if you had a customer named John Doe, you can say: "Start a new timer for John Doe" or "Create a new time entry for 6 hours for John Doe."
Stop the bickering over TV and computer use! ChronosBot is your family's screen time manager. It lets you set up a screen time allowance for each member of your household and then use Google Assistant or chat bots to withdraw time whenever it's used. You can say things like "Ok Google, tell ChronosBot to withdraw 20 minutes" or "Ok Google, ask ChronosBot for the balances". You can give rewards, pay for chores in screen time and charge penalties. There's even a "mystery bonus" for fun. To use ChronosBot: 1) Set up an account at for yourself. 2) Add your family members to the account on the dashboard and set up their allowance. 3) Ask Google Assistant to "open ChronosBot" - Assistant will tell you that you need to link the account via the card on the Google Assistant app. 4) Tap the card in the Google Assistant app and follow the instructions to link the account. 5) You should be set! You can now withdraw time, give credit for chores, and much more.