Relax Guru
Relax Guru helps you relax through 2-mins guided exercises. Modern society constricts us with excessive stress, anxiety, anger, and insomnia. We don't need to live like this. It’s time to unwind. Please note that the information provided by the action is not a substitute for advice from a medical specialist.
What's My Excuse
Are you late getting somewhere? Not finished a project on time? Need an excuse for something but lacking in inspiration? Simply ask What Is My Excuse and let us come up with something suitable for use in any situation.
Which Workout
Which Workout is a fun quiz that helps you to discover which workout fits with your lifestyle and your needs at any given time.
Fitbit Coach
The 7-Minute Workout from Fitbit Coach is a great way to easily squeeze in fitness at home. With the right amount of cardio and strength training, you’ll feel energized and ready to conquer the day ahead.
Workout Buddy
Workout buddy helps you with what exercises to do in your daily workouts. It also helps you in doing the exercises in a proper form. After you've enabled the service, you just have to say "Ok Google, talk to workout buddy" and you can get started.
Breathing Exercises
Breathing Exercises guides you through the 4 7 8 breath, a well known technique by Dr. Weil that calms the mind and relaxes the muscles. You can personalize the breathing exercise by customizing the 4 7 8 ratio to fit your needs. Logo created with:
Google Fit
Google Inc.
Keep active with Google Fit in the Assistant. Start tracking your walks and runs, or ask for insights into your step totals and heart rate hands free while you exercise.
MyLevel Fitness
Ossenx Foundry
MyLevel Fitness is here to help you find a perfect workout, any time, anywhere. We know that everyone is different, so each time you use MyLevel, you will get a personalized workout. If MyLevel finds a workout that you don't like, ask for a new one. Do you like the workout, but don't have dumbbells? Does the workout look too challenging? That's fine, tell your app, and we will adjust your workout instantly! Don't forget to give your feedback after the workout is complete, so that we can make your next workout even better. Get on MyLevel Fitness and show us what you're made of!