Harry Potter Quiz
Quidditch Kings
Have you spent the last two decades watching Harry potter movies, reading the books, re-reading and re-watching them? Test your harry potter knowledge by taking this quiz. Neither magic nor Google are allowed! Please email to quidditch.kings@gmail.com if you would like to give feedback. Update: New questions added! Coming soon: More questions and difficulty levels. Stay tuned.
What's Your Inner Animal
Google Inc.
Discover your inner animal with this fun personality quiz. Are you a polar bear, an otter, or another cool creature? Answer a simple set of questions, and howl with delight when you find out.
answer it
karthikeyan k
By interacting with this application the users may spend some of their time with meaningful informative quiz game.
Ancient Times
Khaled Naleem
Do you like to travel back to the ancient times? Then this is the right Bot to for you. This Bot helps you enhance your intelligence on world history. The Ancient Times Bot will be updated weekly with 5 new flash cards. So get back here weekly to learn more on the world history. Give it a try and leave your rating. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact me through Email.
say 10 times "white", then answer my quiz!!
Everyday Heroes
Google Inc.
Ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut? Or a paleontologist? Find out with this interactive interview series. Hear from a wide array of people who have some of the world's coolest jobs. Decide which questions to ask these everyday heroes, listen to their interesting replies, and get inspired to dream big.
K9 Calculator
Calculates the age of your dog in human years. Your provide your dogs age (1-16 years) and the size (small, medium, large).
sachin nelwade
hello ! biology quiz will ask you few questions related to the biology subject where you can improve your general knowledge about the subject and as well as you can talk to her sister by saying ok google, talk to ms.chemistry and if you love this app please rate it and let us know what we can improve in the app
Who Invented
sachin nelwade
Hey everyone have you ever wondered about the greatest inventions and there inventors so here is the app where you will get more information about this subject and let us hope your invention will be added to this quiz one day :) Disclaimer : The images used as the logo and banner are made used only for educational purpose and we do not own the copyrights of any of the images used in the banner and logo of this app . the copyrights are reserved by the respective owners .
Kannada Quiz
ಸುಮುಖ ಕಪರ್ತಿ
Kannada quiz app lets you develop your knowledge by asking interactive questions on Karnataka's tradition, history, culture, language and more. This app also helps individuals to build knowledge to face competitive examinations conducted by Karnataka government. Efforts are made to bring the quiz in Kannada language and hope it will be implemented soon. (This is a beta version of app, meaning there are limited number of quiz questions available) Webpage: https://sites.google.com/view/kannadaquiz
Dr Marvel
Hi, I am Dr Marvel, I will help you to know which Marvel character best suits your personality.
Times Tables Quiz
Time Tables Quiz tests you multiplications skills by asking you all the time tables from 0 to 12 in a fun and interactive way! If you struggle, listen out for the hints. Great for learning!
Car Slogans
Paul Teddy
Car Slogans - Test your knowledge of over 100 car company slogans!
Techy Quiz
The AppNerds
Tech Quiz is based on Technological concepts that improves your knowledge.
GK Trainer
Quizzing application on topics of general knowledge, awareness and current affairs. Helps to train you on improving and testing the general knowledge, current affairs and improve the scores in competitive exams
Choose Your Role Model
Tanish Agarwal
We help you to choose your role model to get inspired, making the world a better place.
Pharmacy Tech Drug Match
The Pharmacy Tech Drug Match is a flash card game that allows you to practice and learn the generic and brand names of medications.
IT4IT quiz
Rob Akershoek
Test your knowledge about the IT4IT Reference Architecture from the Open Group. For more information see: http://www.opengroup.org/IT4IT The IT4IT reference architecture is a standard to help you manage the new digital enterprise bringing together concepts such as Continuous Delivery, Agile development, IT service management, DevOps and SIAM.
Maths master quiz
Sanjay KV
Maths quiz have a vast content of mathematical questions and corresponding answers not only the answers users can follow up through the questions if they have any doubts there by helps you to learn maths basics in simple way.
To update the people regarding the technology update. Through the game the information are transformed.
Formula 1 Quiz
Jon Hargreaves
This app is a quick trivia quiz to test your knowledge of Formula 1
Test My Personality
Nikhil Nayak
Test My Personality is a personality quiz lets you test your personality based on a number of questions and then provides an outcome personality based on your inputs.
You About Robots Taking Over The World
Venture Arboretum
Wondering what will happen to you personally once robots take over the world? Use the Robot Takeover Interview to find out!
Life hacks game
This is a fun flash card game to learn life hacks like: how to chill white wine and what is the best way to keep your pizza hot in the car!
Elevator Quiz
elevator quiz
its a quiz
Winter Olympics Trivia
N3Game inc,
The Awesome 2018 Winter Olympics Trivia Game provides fun and information to people who know 2018 Winter Olympics for all ages. The 2018 Winter Olympics Trivia will ask you 7 questions with 4 answers to choose from and you will have to tell the Answer number. Could you enable "2018 Winter Olympics Trivia" and just say "Talk to 2018 Winter Olympics Trivia ~
Pirates Personality
Pirates Personality is an app that aims for only fun. It is not a productivity or a helpful app. Users can use this app when bored.
Dipti Ranjan
this app aims in development of general knowledge of an individual with the fun and also make aware of the surroundings
Star Wars Personality Quiz
Chris Brandt
The Star Wars personality quiz is a set of six questions which will help to determine what kind of a person you are in Star Wars.
Today I Learned
Unlike other quizzes, this is not a usual trivia game with random facts to test your knowledge. It is a trivia game with weird, bizarre and funny facts to raise your eyebrows and have some laughs! Although every single question was picked from real and proven facts, we want you to be surprised and say: "...wait, what”? Have fun! P.S. More questions and facts will be added. Drop me an email with your feedback if you find a mistake. Your feedback is valuable.
Privilege Quiz
Check your privilege! Take the privilege quiz to learn more about different kinds of privilege and see how you score. In 1989, Peggy McIntosh, Associate Director of Wellesley College, wrote the "White Privilege Checklist" to identify "some of the daily effects of white privilege in my life… As far as I can tell, my African American coworkers, friends, and acquaintances with whom I come into daily or frequent contact… cannot count on most of these conditions." — White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack This game is a recreation of the checklist in playable form, with more questions to check different types of privilege, such as male privilege and able-bodied privilege.
Avengers quiz
This app let you find out the which character will be suitable for your personality . It's personality maching quiz.
Quick Quiz
Jay Kanakiya
Let's Quiz enhances your learning curve and lets you know things that you don't while having fun!
Math trainer
Daniel Gwerzman
Practicing basic math is very important and help build a strong math foundation. Math trainer will help you practice on addition, subtraction and multiplication. Say “Talk to math trainer”, and start practicing. Using a level base methodology, Math trainer allow you to continue the training from the level you wish to. You can start by saying “Talk to math trainer about level 5”. During training you can also: Ask to repeat the question: “Repeat” Change the level: “Set level 3” “Set to higher level” “One level down” Ask for the level: “Which level are we?” Ask for help: “I don't know” End the training: “I give up” “bye bye”
Planet Capitals Quiz
Geography quiz, which will allow you to quickly memorize all the capital cities of the world!
India Quiz
The India Quiz app increases your knowledge about the country of India.
Capital Cities Quiz
If you love geography or just want to test your knowledge, this game is for you. Start the quiz and try to find as many capital cities as you can, from all over the world. Will you find all of them ?
Computer Science Quiz
Get the latest CS questions
Train trivia
Subham Agrawal
The app contains very easy to a few difficult questions on Indian Railways history. It lets you speak your answer. If struck in a question you can ask for a hint. The app also let you know basic facts regarding the question asked.
Numbers Cat
Numbers Cat
Numbers Cat is a game for anyone wanting to practice basic maths, and definitely anyone who loves cats. The solve simple maths questions involving additions, and are entertained with fun facts about cats along the way