English King
Raghav Joshi
English King can make your mind joyful by reciting you a poem. English King can teach you English Grammar. English King can recite poems, tell motivational quotes and jokes. English King can enhance your vocabulary by giving words. Chapters for English Grammar are - nouns, pronouns, articles, tenses, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns, agreement with verb, interjections, moods, modals, clauses, and adverbs. 🌟 What's New🌟 Version 2.0 ⚪ Now English King is becoming a real King. The voice of King has been changed. ⚪New Chapters are: Moods, Clauses, preposition, and conjunctions. More chapters will be added. ⚪ For your convenience we have added more information about the chapters with examples. ⚪We are happy to announce a new thing called Interesting facts. ⚪Added more poems. ⚪Added more quotes. ⚪Added more words. ⚪Added more Jokes. 🌟🌟 Important Note: We have made some new applications. You can give it a try. The names are:- ⚪Gita Quotes ⚪ Knowledge Everywhere ⚪ Quotes & Facts Try it and rate it. Thank You.
Sheep Jokes
Roger Thomas
Sheep Jokes is a quick and easy way to to retrieve a sheep joke. The jokes are contributed, so feel free to email with any new jokes. The only requirement is the jokes must be clean and family appropriate. With an ever growing list of jokes, you're quick to get a random joke spoken (or written) back.
Dog Jokes
Dog Jokes is a great way to hear some of the best dog jokes around. We've fetched the best ones so you don't need to chase them down yourself.
Sick Burns
Doth thou hast shade to throweth? Sick burns is brought to you by the master of wordplay, William Shakespeare. So you can always bringeth on thy disses! Like he would always say, “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.”
Bad Pun Jokes
This action tells you bad jokes. If you want to be the funny guy at work get some inspiration.
Knock Knock Friend
Introducing Knock Knock Friend for Google Assistant. Now, you'll always have a friend to tell knock knock jokes to whenever you want on your phone, tablet, or Google Home!
Evelyn's Jokes
Evelyn's Jokes tells you some super funny jokes. Each week a new joke will be available. Come back each week for a good laugh.
Crave Engine
Crave Engine gives tour of abrays blog posts, tell you quotes from his blog, tells you some jokes and also tells recent weather forecast of over 2 Lakh Cities.
Funny Jokes
Rakshit Choudhary
Funny jokes is a jokes app.funny jokes will tell you funny jokes which will make you laugh.So hope you guys like the jokes.
Activity Helper
Activity Helper helps you to suggest good movie to watch, good book to read, good temple near bedminster or Bridgewater, peaceful place to go, tell some joke and to tell some fortune
The Funny Jester
Radi Cho
Google Assistant is so fun, but sometimes it needs help with the jokes. That's why we built The Funny Jester with a lot of jokes and fun facts. Just say to the Google Assistant "Talk to The Funny Jester" and it'll make you laugh... (a lot!) Valid actions: You can ask for a joke or fun fact. The app recognizes different commands that to happen. For example: "Tell me a joke", "Can I hear fun fact", "Some fun, please", ect...
Matt Lieber Bot
Quickly figure out when the next Reply All show is. You can also ask Matt to tell you about himself...or a joke. Not associated with Gimlet, or Reply All, or Matt Lieber. But we love the show here at Honeyfi and thought this would be fun!
Project Cat
Discovery Communications, Inc.
Discovery Communications is working with World Wildlife Fund and others to support a worldwide effort to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022. By conserving nearly a million acres of protected land on the border of India and Bhutan, this collaboration aims to ensure a healthy habitat for future generations of tigers. Learn more about Project C.A.T. and ways to interact with this Skill at http://projectcat.discovery.com
Omega Spirit
Omega Spirit is your own pocket-sized friend! It can even tell you jokes.
Narwhal Bacon
Narwhal Bacon will read post title and self text (if available) of the subreddits you tell it to browse.
Joke Paradise
Subham Verma
This app will recite jokes to people when are bored. This app contains various categories and genres of jokes which the user will truly enjoy.
Friendly AI
Ajay Lohar
Friendly AI let you tell jokes,todays weather and can do simple conversations with the user by simply typing or by voice input.
Funny Riddles
Funny Riddles asks you some intriguing riddles and waits for you to respond. Find out if you are up to a challenge! Each riddle will put a smile on your face. Play this with your family so see who gets it the most.