Baby Stats
Update: 12/5/2017 Added the ability to start a feeding timer and count minutes on feeding (optional). These are both optional, and you only need to track them if you want to. Babies like stats! Baby Stats lets you track your baby's development in the womb and after birth. You can track stool diapers, wet diapers, feedings, weight, pumpings, kick count, and your baby's sleep. Just track the stats you need and don't feel compelled to track everything if you don't need to. USAGE: Using the skill you have the following options: Set Timezone: Ok Google, ask baby stats to set timezone to {pacific, central, eastern, mountain, atlantic, hawaiian, alaska, arizona, germany, united kingdom or india} Add Stat: Tracks a stat at the current time. Ok Google, ask baby stats to: add {stool, poop} add {wet, pee} add {feeding, meal, bottle} add pumping {Y} ounces add {sleep} 30 minutes start sleep (then later, Ok Google, ask baby stats to stop sleep). start feeding (then later, Ok Google, ask baby stats to stop feeding). add weight {X} pounds and {Y} ounces (ounces is optional) For feedings you can optionally track ounces, breast side, or the timing. Ok Google, ask baby stats to: add feeding 4.5 ounces. add feeding left breast add feeding 4.5 ounces with the left breast add feeding 15 minutes add feeding 30 miniutes left breast start feeding left breast (stop feeding) Get Stats: Tells you the last time that a stat has occurred. Ok Google, ask baby stats for the last {poop, pee, note, weight, sleep, pumping, feeding, kicks ...} Ok Google, ask baby stats to get stats: for today for October for the last 24 hours Ok Google, ask baby stats how many stats: this week this month in the last 24 hours Ok Google, ask baby stats how many {feeding, stool, wet, pumping, kicks, sleep} this month Ok Google, ask baby stats how many {feeding, stool, wet, pumping, kickk, sleep} in the last 24 hours Before your baby is born: . Ok Google, ask baby stats to: set due date march 4th tell me my weeky baby update tell me about my baby In the third trimester your health care provider might ask you to track kicks. Ok Google, ask baby stats: to add kick to remove kick for last kick how many kicks in the last 2 hours Remove Stat:. Ok Google, ask baby stats to: undo remove {stool, wet, feeding, weight, sleep, pumping, kick, or note} Add Stat: Tracks a stat at a specific time (say "at {time}" at the end). Ok Google, ask baby stats to: add stool at 4 pm add sleep 1 hour at 3:45 am add wet at 3:40 in the morning add feeding at noon add feeding 4.5 ounces at noon add feeding 4.5 ounces with the left breast at noon add feeding 30 minutes with the left breast at noon add pumping 3 ounces at noon add kick at noon Add Multiple: Tracks multiple stats at the current time, or specific time: Ok Google, ask baby stats to: add {stool, wet or feeding} and {stool, wet or feeding} add {feeding} 4.5 ounces and {stool, wet} at 4 pm add {feeding} 4.5 ounces left breast and {stool, wet} at 4 pm Add Notes: Allows for a free form entry as a note. Ok Google, ask baby stats to add note first step! Data Sharing: View stats on a mobile app, on our website, or link Baby Stats to a different voice assistant. When you use Baby Stats that device/account is assigned a unique ID, that unique ID is how to uniquely identify your data. It can be used to share your account with another device/platform or can be used with our online viewer. Ask baby stats to get ID Navigate to, click on Online Viewer and enter your id ( For help in setting the ID on a different device navigate to, click on Help, then click on Help with Data Sharing for more info Happy baby stats tracking!
Baby Age
Patrick Armentrout
Baby Age will calculate your baby's age for you and give some funny facts.
Baby Steps
Milestones are specific actions, abilities or traits that the child can perform or acquire at a specific age, such as the ability to sit or walk, the act of recognizing parents, gaining a certain weight and so on. Baby Steps is an app designed for the Google Assistant to help you see if your child is growing as per the correct growth and developmental milestones for his or her age. Currently it works only for children below five years, and is meant to be a screening tool rather than a diagnostic tool- lt is supposed to alert you of a possible illness, for example- Malnutrition, Developmental anomalies, etc which should be followed up with a proper medical consultation. Disclaimer: All content found on Baby Steps Action, including: text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor, go to the emergency department, or call 911 immediately. Baby Steps does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned in the action. Reliance on any information provided by Baby Steps is solely at your own risk.
GrowthChart Records
GrowthChart enables child care centers to document observations hands-free in real time just using your voice. Send Daily Sheets to parents and automate reports for rating and accreditation agencies. Use our web app to review & edit observations and much more. Check us out at To get setup: In order to log observations you will need to email us at for us to set you up with a center. You must also create a Voice Matching Profile on Google Assistant. After you've done that, you should ask Google Assistant "to talk to growth chart". It'll ask you to link your account, click the link account card and sign into GrowthChart with the same email that you signed up with GrowthChart through our support contacting you. After linking your account you can log and send daily sheets for students in your center.
Little Angels
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Little Angels is a parenting app which give tips to parents for taking care of their baby. By using this app parents get to know about the reasons for why their baby may be crying, some tips to calm down a crying baby, suggestions for baby's food and information about baby's vaccination. We are working towards making parenting a Happy Parenting!!